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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yesterday I went to Pittsburgh. It was sort of a last minute thing, and I went because I've never been and I actually like road trips. Although admittedly the view from an interstate (even one that's not a huge one like, say I-95) never truly captures a place, I loved seeing all the hills and the amazing farmland in both Maryland and Pennsylvania on my way there and Pittsburgh itself is a fascinating city--there are SO many bridges! On the way in, I saw at least two, and I loved that the city was connected by these long arching bridges, creating little sub-cities within the city. The only downside was that it was *cold*--I wasn't expecting balmy weather, or anything, but it was barely in the 30s and as I'm a total wimp when it comes to the cold, I spent a lot of time turning the heat up in the car as far as it would go until the windows fogged up. (And then I'd have to roll the windows down to clear them up--a vicious cycle!)

I wish I'd taken some pictures, but my phone doesn't have a camera, and so I leave you with a link to a gorgeous black and white photo of Pittsburgh's bridges when they had even more than they do now: bridges!

photo is from pghbridges.com