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"I don't know."

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I had written up this long post about how much I love So NoTORIous even though no one else seems to, and how I sort of wish I'd seen 90210 now, because Tori Spelling is hilarious (I can't even think "I don't know" now without giggling), but then blogger ate it.

BUT! It's just as well because as I was sitting there, procrastinating on writing the whole thing again by catching up on my blog reading, I read this post of Meg Cabot's and MEG CABOT LIKES THE SHOW TOO!

I know the shouting is annoying, but MEG CABOT! She likes So NoTORIous! She lives in Key West! My parents have a house there that they keep saying I can use 'someday!'

Okay, other than that, not too many similarities, but, you know, MEG CABOT!

and upon running spellcheck, wow, does blogger not like it when you write things in all caps.