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I know the difference between my toe and my heel, honest!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Okay, I am interrupting this post because CNN has just announced that Snoop Dogg got arrested in London for fighting at an airport and apparently he has a thirty person entourage. That last bit is what caught my ear. Can you imagine traveling with thirty people? Sometimes just being the in the car with my husband and my dog for more than an hour drives me crazy (the dog always wants to sit on the lap of whoever's driving which, obviously, can't happen, and let's just say my husband will only listen to music recorded between 1980-1989 and leave it at that)

Anyway, before CNN distracted me, I was going to tell you about my last tap class and how I have apparently lost the ability to distinguish between my heel and my toe. Naturally, this is troublesome as they are obviously quite different. (!) But for some reason, whenever we did this shuffle ball heel thing, I ended up doing shuffle heel ball which not only was wrong but also made me end up flailing about in order to keep my balance, which I normally wouldn't feel too bad about, as I am extremely uncoordinated, but there are mirrors *all* over the room and so, as I'm flailing about, all I can see is my classmates, standing upright, and this pinwheeling arm person listing to the right which is, of course, ME. And let me tell you, mistaking your heel for your toe even after you've told yourself "Ball=front of foot! heel=back!" is one thing, but seeing yourself doing that EVERYWHERE is sort of embarrassing.