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why does my bacon hate me?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

For some reason, I have lost the ability to cook turkey bacon, and for the past few days, every time I've tried to make some I've ended up with shrively burnt strips that even the dog won't touch. (I know, you're thinking, turkey bacon? Why not real bacon? Sadly, I can't eat regular bacon because I'm allergic to pork.)

Anyway, I've tried everything--fying, the oven, and the microwave. And yet I continue to produce inedible bacon! It's very vexing. I tried googling 'alternate ways of cooking bacon'' but the results were, shall we say, mixed. (By which I mean ODD, as I got links to food jokes, campfire cooking information, and a book about cooking tofu. Who knew asking about bacon could yield such answers?)