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my crazy dog

Monday, June 26, 2006

The first thing you have to know about my dog is that she's afraid of everything. The vacuum cleaner. Boxes. Her food bowl, when it's empty and not sitting in it's usual spot. I ask you, what kind of dog is afraid of her food bowl?

However, there is one thing my scared-cat dog isn't afraid of, and that's storms. We've had some monster ones over the weekend, including one where I was sure lightening was actually going to hit the house and there was so much hail it sounded like someone was outside flinging catapults of rocks around. I admit that I was a little nervous (What if hail breaks one of the windows? Why does the lightening and thunder seem to be lingering in our backyard?) and even my husband couldn't fall asleep (granted, it was because I kept asking him "Does that hail sound like it's inside the house?")

But the dog? She was lying on the bed licking her feet, completely oblivious to what was going on. Crashing thunder and lightening? Nothing! But bring in a tiny amazon box and she runs away. Go figure.