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Thursday, August 31, 2006

My editor is amazing! I'm so glad I got to meet her yesterday because she's smart and funny and we had a great conversation about my book and books in general, the kind of conversation where time just flies by. bloom now seems real to me in a way it hasn't before* and the notion that next June, I'll be able to walk into a bookstore and see something I've written on the shelves...wow.

And, as always, it was great to go to New York. If I could afford to live there, I'd move in a second. The only downside of the whole visit was leaving, and that's because I didn't realize how late it had gotten and ended up with only fifteen minutes to scamper twenty blocks to my train, which left me no time for my usual bookstore visit. That was hard because New York has some truly fabulous bookstores.

Totally unrelated, but something you should really read: Maureen Johnson's hilarious entry (complete with illustrations!) on writing realities and fictions.

*You know what finally made me realize that yes, bloom really is going to be out there? Talking about the cover! I know it sounds strange, but for some reason, hearing about the ideas for it made the book seem real in a way it hasn't before. Probably because, up until now, whenever I thought about it, I couldn't quite make the leap from 'file that sits on my computer and has been sent to various people' to book. But hearing about the changes that are turning it into a book made me realize 'hey, it's going to be a book!' Which is a pretty amazing feeling.