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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This past Labor Day was the first time in years (and I do mean years) where my husband didn't have to study, and it's amazing how much fun a holiday is when you can actually do something fun instead of say, going shopping for highlighters and index cards so one's spouse can then sit around for six hours reading and taking notes.

We went and saw The Illusionist, which was pretty good. I think Edward Norton is a terrific actor (loved him in The Score) and he was outstanding in this. It also rained a lot, but since I like the rain that was nice too. Summer rain always reminds me of when I was a little kid, and how excited I'd get whenever we got thunderstorms--I used to love to look out over the fields and watch the clouds roll in, and then listen to the thunder and watch the lightening.

Of course, storms became a lot less fun whenever we lost power, which was often because, to this day, my parents seem to lose power whenever someone sneezes. And while having no electricity for a few hours can be sort of fun in a 'hey, let's light some candles and sit around and talk!' sort of way, having no electricity for days isn't fun. In any way.

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