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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Two very exciting things:

Yesterday, I got an email from my editor at Simon Pulse and Deb Caletti, author of the amazing novels The Queen of Everything, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, and Wild Roses (as well as the forthcoming The Nature of Jade)--has given bloom a blurb! I am so flattered and thrilled by this that it doesn't even seem real. I even woke up last night and thought I'd dreamed the whole thing. Then I remembered it was real (it's real!!) and woke my husband up to tell him how happy I was (for the 485th million time) and because he's such a great guy, he said, "I know, it's fantastic," like he did all the other times I've told him.

Deb Caletti! Blurbed my book! YAY!

Also! I am going on vacation. Perhaps this does not sound so exciting to you, but I have not been on a real vacation since 1999. I suppose that now I should talk about all the exciting things I have planned but the truth is my idea of vacation is lying around reading books, and that's pretty much what I plan on doing.

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