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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My vacation was great--I saw some friends, bought some books (I have to support the local economy, after all) and spent time with my husband. I also learned that my dog is even a bigger attention pig on vacation than she is at home. We'd try taking her for walks, but she realized that there were lots of people around (all of whom could potentially adore her!) and so she'd sort of meander along, to the point where our half-hour walk was more of a one-block "hi, I'm a cute dog, and I know it!" thing. And then we'd have to carry her back to the hotel because she'd refuse to walk back. ("But there are other people around! Who could see me!")


Colleen Mondor's excellent interview with John Green about young adult novels, as well as his new book, An Abundance of Katherines.

Justin Larbalestier on the use of language (and other things) that may potentially date novels.

Check out this comment by steph librarian, as I think she says a couple of interesting things. This, in particular, caught my eye:

"Because I work in an urban library where teen girls often want to read (light?) erotic fiction such as Zane, Gettin' Buck Wild, I would say that teen fiction is ready to step it up a bit to meet the interest of these readers."

It caught my eye not because of the revelation that girls want to read about sex (I can't believe this would surprise anyone) but because there really aren't that many YA novels where female characters have sex and aren't punished in some way. Aside from the Jessica Darling books (which are usually found in the adult fiction/literature section, at least in my area bookstores), I can't think of too many YA titles where girls have sex and don't learn their significant other is a jerk, get pregnant, get a disease, have their significant other suffer/die, become an outcast because words/pictures/etc. of them involved in a sex act get around, or just realize it was a 'bad idea.' And while I understand the desire to show that sex has consequences, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of painting female desire as something that must have some negative repercussions.

Apparently some people would like to censor a book...about censorship. Okkkkkkkkk.