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Monday, October 16, 2006

Over the weekend, I was poking around the Borders website to see if a book I wanted was in stock at the store near my house (I love that Borders lets you do that) and then decided to stick my name in and see if anything came up. So, naturally, because I have such an unusual name (ha!) a lot of results came up.

But then I saw something about four listings down.

Scott, Elizabeth
Trade Paperback ~ May, 2007 ~ Not Yet Published
List Price: $6.99

And after I stared at it thinking "$$%$%!" for a minute, I clicked on the link and grabbed the ISBN number (1416926836 -- my new favorite number), then went over to Amazon to see if it was there.

And it was! I haven't found it anywhere else yet, but Bloom is listed at Amazon, and the release date looks like it's going to be May 8, 2007.

Then I went out and bought the book I was looking for, and checked out the YA section and tried to picture Bloom on the shelf there next year. Can't quite do it yet.

In other news, it's Teen Read Week and you can see a list of Teens' Top Ten Books for 2006 here (note: pdf file), as well as check out books from previous years.