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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

As everyone and their fourth cousin twice removed has already indicated, today is election day in the United States, and if you can vote, you should. Not because it's your duty or whatever but because it's an easy way to make sure your voice is heard. And that's something that's so easy to take for granted, but is actually pretty special.

Moving on, here's some interesting links...

P.S.I ALSO GIVE ADVICE -- Once again, Bennett Madison proves he's the funniest YA blogger around.

John Green's take on National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as the month I live vicariously through others (more than usual, even!) because I couldn't write a novel in a month if Rufus Sewell was awarded for doing so.

Well, maybe I could do it for Rufus.

And speaking of writing, you should check out the hilarious Create Your Own Young Adult Novel page, which was created by David Lubar and Dian Curtis Regan. My favorite bit? The last choice for the main character's location. It's probably not a shout-out to the US version of The Office, but I'm pretending it is!