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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Late last week I went to a friend's house. You know how some people have homes where everything is just so comfortable and *right* that when you visit, you don't want to leave? That's what my friend's house is like. She's an artist, so there's lots of paintings she's done on the walls, and she also makes furniture and jewelry. Basically, she can do anything, and she's turned her house into what I can only describe as a really beautiful (yet comfortable!) art gallery.

The best part is that she always is working on something new and interesting. When I was there, she was working on a quilt with a very traditional pattern, but done in really vibrant colors. It looked gorgeous! Seeing her always makes me want to run out and start making things, but then I remember that, in elementary school, my teachers used to say stuff like, "That's nice, Elizabeth, but maybe next time you could try to cut in a straight line/not get glue everywhere/not put your project together inside out." (Sometimes I'd do all three!)

I'm getting ready to start traveling around visiting family and just realized that when I get back, it'll be 2007. (And that my book will be out in less than six months!)

Before I go, here's a link to the results of the survey I mentioned last week, which was on selling first novels, and was conducted by Tobias Buckell. It's really interesting reading, and you can find it here.

I hope you all have a great holiday season!