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reminder: free books! (yes, really!)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just a reminder that I'm giving away a bunch of books, and all you have to do for a chance to win them is send an email with the subject line Free Books to elizabeth at elizabethwrites dot com by midnight EST tomorrow, December 8th. I'll be announcing the winner this coming Monday, December 11th.

In other news, I got the page proofs for bloom yesterday. I took them to the copy place by my house this morning, because I like to have a copy of everything. (It's something I learned the hard way when I was working as a secretary--always make a copy of everything. Always!)

Anyway, the girl working the copy counter is very nice and she's seen me in there before (I'm not kidding about the making copies of everything thing) and today, when I handed her the pages, she looked at them for a moment and said, "Hey, this is a book. Did you write it?"

And I managed to say "Yes." This is a pretty big deal for me, as up until I sold my first book, I hadn't actually told many people that I even wrote. My husband knew--kind of hard to hide the constant typing from him-- and I told my parents and my brother that I'd been writing when I sold my first short story, but the thought of telling anyone else made me a little anxious. (And by a little anxious, I mean A LOT anxious.)

I've gotten better at telling people I write, if for no other reason than my husband is happy to tell anyone and everyone (total strangers, even!) that I do. But it's still a struggle for me, and so I was proud of myself for saying Yes.

Of course, then she asked me what the book was about and I turned bright red and mumbled and completely hyperventilated through all the really sweet questions she asked about it. But I said Yes, and I figure that's a pretty good start.