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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Don't forget to tell me all about your latest, favorite book--not just because I want to know, but because you could win a book too!

I'm leaving for Vermont tomorrow, to attend Kindling Words, a workshop/retreat for writers of YA and children's books. It's my first time going, and I'm really excited about it.

Naturally, the weather has decided to try and thwart me, and it's snowing here. Now I know in some part of the country snow is treated with a shrug of the shoulders and some rock salt, but here it's a little different. Schools shut down, everyone goes to the grocery store to stock up on things like milk and toilet paper (Those two items are the one constant I always see people getting when it snows. Strange, strange combination) and traffic...oh, what snow does to traffic.

Before I was lucky enough to work at home, there were a couple of times where I'd be at work, it would start to snow, and we'd get to go home--and then I'd spend two hours or more trying to get there.

Anyway, with any luck, it'll stop snowing soon and tomorrow the roads will be clear. (And by clear, I mean clogged with the regular amount of traffic.) Because I will be headed toward Vermont!

Wait a minute...

I just looked out the window, and it isn't snowing anymore! In fact, the sun is out. Hmm. Perhaps I should blog about things I feel are trying to thwart me more often. Perhaps I have discovered the true power of blogging!

(But probably not.)