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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I can't believe it's 2007! I mean, I can, because it is, but 2006 really seemed to fly by. The holidays were pretty much a total blur for me because my husband and I spent most of them in the car driving back and forth to visit various relatives. The best was getting to meet my new nephew. He's so cute! He's only about a month old, though, so when I held him I was terrified I was going to drop him. He was so small! And so fragile looking! My brother swore to me that babies are tougher than they look but I think he might have just said it because I kept saying "Am I holding him right? AM I?" and he was afraid I'd wake the baby up.

My dog (for those of you who've asked, here's a photo of her*) was so tired out from the excitement of traveling (new places to sniff! more people to pet her!) that when we got home, she slept for about two days. Which isn't that different from how she normally acts, now that I think about it, except she snored even more loudly than usual.

I've had a couple of people write to me and ask about writing and finding an agent and stuff over the past few weeks, and I wanted to repost some links that I found really helpful when I started thinking about writing for publication:

Holly Black's Writing Resources page -- full of fabulous information that covers just about everything you'd ever want to know about writing.

John Scalzi's Even More Long-Winded (But Practical) Writing Advice -- From Scalzi's blog, Whatever, this entry is blunt, and, as the title says, very practical, though it's less about the act of writing and more about being a writer. I first read this about a month before I started writing bloom, and though there are some commenters who quibble with his advice, I personally found it very helpful, and reread the entry several times as I wrote the book.

Top Ten Quik-Hints -- I admit I'm not a huge fan of the title (So 'quik' it forgot the 'c'???) but this very wonderfully concise list contains great advice about writing.

*Okay, those of you who've been to my website are now probably wondering why my dog doesn't look anything like the dog in the picture on the bio page. And also if my dog is possessed, but I swear she isn't, it was just the flash from the camera. (However, if you bring pizza around my dog, she does tend to spin around in circles in the hopes of getting a little piece, and then she does sort of look possessed. But she isn't! Really!)

Anyway, the deal with the dog in the photo on the website is that he isn't my dog. (!) He was the photographer's dog, and he was there when I was doing the shoot, and since I kept petting him (he was so sweet!), he started wandering into the shots in the hopes that I'd pet him some more. The picture you see was taken when he first came up to me while I was trying to smile and not look like I was freaked out about having my picture taken, and I started laughing and actually looked, you know, relaxed! And happy! So I ended up using it on the site.