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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I know some people can survive on very little sleep. I am not one of them, and the fact that I have gotten about ten hours of sleep over the past three days has turned me into a walking zombie.

As evidence, it's taken me about five minutes to type the previous sentence, in which I spelled sleep, three, and zombies wrong. (Though I have to admit, I can't help but wonder what exactly a zoombie would look like.) Also, I've spent an inordinate amount of time wondering why Blogger's first suggestion for post labels is "scooters." (And then messing around with my computerized dictionary to see if scooter has some hidden meaning, and ending up learning, through yet another fantabulous misspelling, that cheese-skipper is an actual word. And it doesn't mean anything like you think it would.)

Before I lurch off to try and be productive, here's some links:

How To Be A Writer In Ten Easy Steps -- Another brilliant Maureen Johnson post. (And have you read Devilish? Because you should!)

John Scalzi discusses the one thing writers almost never talk about: money. (There are follow-up posts here and here as well)