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Friday, February 16, 2007

Well, that's the last time I wish for a cold, even if I mean it in the "I just want to spend a day watching tv" way. I got my cold all right, but having spent the past few days feeling not only too bad to watch tv, but too bad to read (which has happened to me maybe three times my whole life), I've learned my lesson. The cold gods are fickle! And mean!

I did have one really exciting thing happen, though. I got my first ever note from someone who read Bloom--not a reviewer, or anyone connected to Simon Pulse, or anything like that, just a reader who'd been given an ARC by someone. And they read it! And liked it enough to send me a note! It is, hands down, the most amazing thing that's happened since I started down the whole "why don't I try writing something and actually send it out" road.

Okay, and I have to share this photo of my nephew and my brother, because they are both sleeping and it's totally adorable because my nephew is so cute, and even though my brother is about six million feet tall and tends to discuss complicated engineering things I don't understand at all, he'll always be my little brother, and I think he's adorable too.