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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I just finished making bread dough, and I've realized I may have forgotten to put the salt in. Do I hope for the best and wait? Try to put salt in now? Toss the dough out and start all over again? Ack! I think I'll just wait and see.

The really sad part about all of this is I've been making bread for about four years now. You'd think I'd have at least mastered the basics, like remembering to remember if I put in the salt. But nope!

Perhaps I can blame this on daylight savings time? Or has the fact that it's been almost a week since the clocks switched stretching it?

I really have been forgetful this week, though--which reminds me, congrats to Erin and Brenna! Both of them wrote in within moments of my last "guess what I forgot!" entry (I'm sensing a theme this week...hmm....) and so they're both getting a couple of books.

Before I forget anything else, let me toss out a few interesting links:

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