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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We have company coming today and I somehow have to get the house clean enough so that no one will flee in terror in...ack! About two hours. This ought to be fun.

Before I head off to shove giant dust bunnies under the sofa (they'll fit there, right?):

An old (2005) blog post from Elizabeth Bear on How To Become A Mid-List Writer--This is one of my faves on writing for a lot of reasons, but mainly for her advice about writing after you land an agent/have a book that's being sent around, and how writers feel before their first book comes out. Maybe it's not applicable for everyone, but the feeling of panic? Applicable for me!

Denise Little writes about publisher's Profit and Loss Statements. I've previously linked to a former Tor editor's essay on the same subject (and which I highly recommend reading--it's eye-opening to see how easy it is for publishers to lose money on books) but Little's article is worth reading too, and keep an eye out for her formula for a rough estimate to determine how much money a book has made (or lost) for a publisher.