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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wish List:

I want Bennett Madison to update his blog! Now that the guy with the hair got voted off American Idol, who will he root for next? Also, as I do not watch American Idol (I know, I know. I tried once, but the songs that everyone picked just weren't my thing) I have to find out what's going on through others. And who brings the snark better than Bennett? That's right, nobody.

I want the bookstore RIGHT BY MY HOUSE to actually carry my book. It's a little embarrassing to have it out all over the place, but not in a certain chain that's about three miles away. (The other chain that's also right by my house has it, though. I love them.)

I also want my dog, my tiny, seventeen pound pug, to stop turning into a monster bed hog in the middle of the night because my husband and I are both tired of waking up curled into little balls, clutching at a corner of the covers while she lies sprawled out, covers piled all around her and snoring like a buzzsaw. I mean, how can one small dog take up so much space? I think she expands at night. Maybe it's all the snoring.

I also want the Blogger spellcheck to stop screwing up my posts when I check them. I know it's bad I can't spell that well (*cough* understatement *cough*), but putting in spacing
this? Come on!