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Monday, May 07, 2007

On Friday, I spent the day driving around to bookstores signing stock, which was really fun--okay, the driving part wasn't that much fun, but visiting fifteen bookstores in one day--FABULOUS! When I finally got home, my husband took one look at all the books I'd bought, laughed, and said, "I guess you had aperfect day." And he was right! Not only did I get to see (and sign!) copies of my book (and thank you to all the lovely people who let me do so), I had the perfect excuse to look around afterwards and then buy stuff. I mean, I was already there in the store, so it was sort of like I had to! And is it my fault that there are so many great books out there? And that I want to read all of them?

So anyway, Friday was a great day. And before I head off to stare longingly at all the books I want to read, let me share some links (and say congrats to Meghan, who won the copy of Masquerade!):

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I'm interviewed over at Bildungsroman. Note how I can't answer the ten best books question with ten books (or without resorting to making up a particular category!)