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Thursday, July 05, 2007

My dog may be scared of the vacuum cleaner, boxes, and the vet's office, but the one thing that doesn't seem to bother her are fireworks. (Or storms, for that matter. Bring in a tiny box from Amazon, and she runs away. But have lightening striking all around and hail battering the house, and what does she do? Snore through it all.)

Anyway, last night we had quite a celebration in our neighborhood, and I'm a bit groggy today. The dog however, is quite refreshed and, as I type this, continues to bring me her favorite toy in the hopes I'll fling it down the hall for her to chase. I'm doing so, but I have to confess, I'm hoping she'll get tired soon. Because even if she couldn't use a nap, I could. Or at least a good hour or so vegetating in front of the tv watching Seinfeld season 8. (I know everyone likes the earlier seasons better, but I like the last two seasons the best. There, I've finally admitted it.)

Before I head off to watch one of my favorite episodes, "The Little Kicks," here are some links:

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