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Monday, August 27, 2007

I got The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (best comic strip of. all. time. IMO, anyway) over the weekend and I love it except for one thing. There's three books, and each book weighs approximately eight gazillion pounds. But it's a tiny drawback (lifting the books might enable me to develop some muscle tone!) compared to the joy of being able to read Calvin and Hobbes again. I hadn't realized how much I missed the strip until I sat down and started reading. And reading. And reading.

I'm almost done with the second volume and I have to admit, I want to get back to it. So let me leave you with some links:

Meg Cabot talks about her writing process, including revisions

Tess Gerritsen on how long it takes for a book to go from manuscript to on the shelves -- I have to say, while I've seen a few young adult books come out in a year or less, longer seems to be the norm. Has anyone out there heard of or had a young adult novel appearing in stores seven or fewer months after the publisher bought it?

Editorial Anonymous on things you should never ever do to editors

Agent Nephele Tempest talks about best-sellers vs. best sellers

I'm interviewed over at Poised At The Edge