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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yesterday I made caramel rolls, and for some reason the dough actually rose higher than I wanted it to. (Which never happens. Usually I'm in the kitchen staring at a partially risen ball of dough yelling "Rise! Come on! You can do it!" as if the dough is actually going to listen to me. Or hear me.)

So I carefully put the rolls in the oven, but some of the topping and dough must have fallen out of/off the pan during baking, because when I turned the oven on about ten minutes ago to roast some potatoes--whoa. Burnt sugar is not something you want to get a whiff of. In fact, the smell is so bad I had to open the front door in the hopes that some 'fresh air' would help. Of course, since it's about 90 out, it's not so much 'fresh' air as hot air.

Anyway, while I wait for the oven to finishing burning off all the caramel and dough that must have hit it yesterday, I have some links to share:

Five New York City students talk about what clothes they buy, music they like, etc. It's a fun read, and I'm strangely heartened by the fact that someone out there still uses the word dorky.

Lyda Morehouse blogs about the lack of rhyme or reason for why books fail

Meg Cabot on why authors need editors

This last thing isn't a link, but look at the great t-shirt I got from the Charleston County Public Library: