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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My husband and I planted some mint in our backyard a while ago. It was my last-ditch attempt at trying to get something to grow out there. (When we moved in, I planted about eight hundred different kinds of flowers over a period of a couple of years--which yielded three lavender bushes that grew sideways (!) for a while, and then died. Charming.)

Anyway, my mom gave us some mint and swore it would grow. "It grows anywhere!" she said. I thought, "I give it two weeks, tops." and planted it. (By which I mean I dug a hole, tossed it in, and thought "good luck." My plant nurturing days ended when we had to uproot those dead-but-still-sideways lavender bushes)

But the mint didn't die! In fact, it seemed to take to our seemingly plant-hating soil, and pretty soon we had lots of mint we could use for...well, nothing. But it smelled good! And it filled in the places where our straggly grass was struggling to survive!

It was nice. I even felt sort of plant competent. ("Look, I planted some mint! And it grew!")

Then something happened. Apparently, much like kudzu, mint will really and truly grow anywhere. And grow. And grow. And then grow some more.

And so now we have a backyard full of mint. We've got a little bit of grass left, but not much, and the dog--well, let's just say she's happy with the situation. And that she often smells like mint.

Which is an odd, odd combination when mixed with dog.

Before I move on to links, I just want to say congrats to last week's contest winners: Aly, Alia, Courtney, and Laura!

Penguin UK offers Spinebreakers, a site about books run by teenagers--gotta love it for the name alone, but it's also beautifully designed and has loads of great content.

Tess Gerritsen reveals what those stickers Borders puts on the back of every book actually mean

Meg Cabot
is going to be one of the judges for next year's Seventeen fiction contest, which is only open to those ages 13-21, and asks that you finish a story that Meg has started! (Interesting tidbit: past winners of the Seventeen fiction contest include Curtis Sittenfeld and Sylvia Plath)


Anonymous John said...

Heh. I'm trying to imagine what Prep would have been like if it'd been written by Sylvia Plath.

October 26, 2007 1:51 PM  
Anonymous elizabeth scott said...

I can't even picture it!

October 29, 2007 2:21 PM  

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