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Monday, December 10, 2007

I ended up taking an unexpected vacation last week, and it was fun because I got to catch up on my reading, including Suzanne Berne's The Ghost At The Table, which was brilliant, and an ARC of Susan Beth Pfeffer's The Dead and The Gone, which is coming out in June and WOW! I *still* can't stop thinking about it.

I also want to say congrats! to Taylor, Katrina, Victoria, and Christine, who won last week's contest. I had so much fun reading everyone's book wishes--I'm totally doing that again soon!


Laura Anne Gilman talks about the idea that writing should always be fun --I really loved this, because while sometimes writing is fun, there are also times when, as Gilman says, "it's a damned agony and annoyance and general feh and meh."

Authors Margaret Bechard and Ron Koertge are interviewed at Through the Tollbooth, and offer advice on writing

Wish you could find out exactly what an editor wants? Well, over at Dutton, you can, thanks to a great webpage that has a list of editors, and exactly what they'd like to aquire (Be sure to read the submisson guidelines as well)

Agent Kristin Nelson explains exactly what a book auction is and how it happens.

Agent Joanna Pulcini offers Advice to Writers--lots and lots of good stuff here.

Tom Doherty, President and Publisher of Tor Books, wonders if mass market paperbacks are in trouble

Over at the livejournal community Fangs, Fur, & Fey, authors are sharing stories about how they got published