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Monday, April 21, 2008

Can a jar of marshmallow fluff kill a microwave?

Yes. Yes, it can.

Last night, I went to get a box of cereal out of the cabinet, and a big jar of marshmallow fluff (as you can see, it's nothing but healthy and classy eating in this house!) fell out, smashed into the microwave, and then pinged me on the head.

I'm fine, though I was rather startled--who knew fluff in glass jars could pack such a wallop?--but our microwave....sob! It just died. So we had to go out and buy a new one, and since we hadn't done that in over a decade, it took us a while. It seems you can practically cook an entire turky in one now. I had no idea they'd gotten so large (clearly, I need to pay more attention to the home electronics portion of the ads in the Sunday paper, but am forever getting distracted by the coupons, which I never use but am always sucked in because they are always doing new things to food. Fiber in yogurt! I mean, a. who thinks of that and b. really? I half expect it to show up in Twinkies and the like next.

Anyway, that was my weekend. Fluff trauma! Microwave shopping! I know it sounds hard, living a life at this level of break-neck excitement (ha!), but I manage.

I want to thank everyone who entered the book trailer contest--and I have a confession to make. I was actually rather relieved that most of you haven't seen a book trailer because I've never seen one! I've read about them, and I always mean to go and look at one, but then I get distracted by celebrity gossip and before I know it, I've been reading about who's gone off to rehab for an hour. And congrats to Brianna, Rylie, Sarah and alatarielsun, who each won a book!

On to links:

Agent Jennifer Jackson talks about age and writing

Agent Nathan Bransford talks about awkward prose and the problem that can possibly occur if you find yourself saying "I can write a novel--I just can't write a query letter."

You have the tools. If you've written a publishable novel, you can write a good query. It may take some time to get the hang of the format, as others have pointed out, it takes practice, and it may not feel right to brag about yourself. But you can do it.

There's been a meme going around where writers talk about the stories they've written over their lifetime. (I haven't participated out of shame that mine starts with Age 0-27: Nothing except for the occasional (and very grudgingly done) school assignment) The best one I've seen is this completely fabtastic blog entry by Cherie Priest--I mean, can anyone really top this: "..in my defense I was in seventh grade when I wrote this one. It was about 200 pages long, and it was about me and my cousins helping a mafia don’s daughter escape from the clutches of a drug dealer inside the Great Pyramid at Giza. Then one day the disc upon which this MASTERPIECE was saved … died. I lost the whole thing. At the time, I was inconsolable. In retrospect, I am overjoyed."

I think not.

A great interview with author Lisa McMann, who discusses her promotional plan for her best-selling novel, WAKE

Tess Gerritsen, whose blog appears to be either disappearing (nooooo!!!) or going on hiatus (nooooo!!!) discusses earning a living as a writer


OpenID coffeeandink said...

I'm glad your head is okay!

I disagree that if you write a novel, you can write a cover letter -- not that agents shouldn't judge by this (obviously they do!), but I think the logic is flawed. A cover letter is marketing, more like jacket copy than like a novel, and you could be good at one kind of writing and not at another. Writing good commercials is no guarantee you'd write good novels, writing good novels is no guarantee you'd write good technical manuals, writing good technical manuals is no guarantee you'd write good poetry. They're all different forms of writing with different skill sets. Some writing skills might transfer from one form to another, but others won't and/or will have to be newly learned.

April 21, 2008 4:48 PM  
OpenID alatarielsun said...

Wow!! Thank you for the book! I'm so excited!

April 22, 2008 7:27 AM  
Blogger literally[lauren] said...


I've actually had the same thing happen, but with a jar of sunflower seeds (who keeps them in a JAR?) and a very nice peice of tile in our kitchen floor that we ended up grouting together again.

By the way, I loved Wake!!!


April 22, 2008 9:25 PM  

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