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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stealing Heaven is now available in your favorite local bookstore and so I'm going to have a STEALING HEAVEN contest because hey, I like contests! And also, this is my first ever hardcover novel, which is pretty exciting!

The STEALING HEAVEN contest is even easier to enter than any of my other book contests---all you have to do is email the answer to three questions about Stealing Heaven to me at elizabethscottcontest@gmail.com

Ready? Okay!

Here are the Stealing Heaven questions!

1. What's Greg's last name?

2. Where does the Donaldson family keep their silver, and what's on it?

3. What's the first thing Dani does using her real name?

Just email the answers to me at elizabethscottcontest@gmail.com

I'll be taking answers to these three questions through July 6th, and will announce the winners on July 7th.

And what are the prizes? I'm glad you asked!

One person will receive a sterling silver Elsa Peretti necklace from Tiffany that I think symbolizes Dani and Greg and reflects something Dani sees at the end of the book.

Twenty other people will each receive $20 gift cards to the bookstore of their choice.

Winners will be chosen at random, and please remember to send the answers to the questions to elizabethscottcontest@gmail.com