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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just a quick reminder that the Picture This! contest ends in three days, so don't forget to send in your pictures of your copy of Bloom, Perfect You, or Stealing Heaven! Remember that winners each get not one, not two, but *five* young adult novels of their choice, plus the option to have their photo displayed on the site to showcase their fantabulousness!

In other news, I have the best friends ever. Want proof?

Well, on Sunday I was supposed to meet someone. I did actually end up meeting her, but not before I'd:

a. gotten a ticket to park in a certain parking lot, and then somehow lost the ticket
b. dumped purse all over sidewalk in frantic attempt to find ticket before getting friend
c. couldn't find ticket
d. hiked all the way back to parking lot entrance in attempt to get another ticket
e. was politely told that as I was not in a car, I wasn't getting a ticket. (attempt to get full day's worth of parking charges vs. the ten minutes I was supposed to have been in lot)
f. resisted urge to scream. pictured friend wishing my head was on a pike.
g. found ticket. in purse.
h. went and got friend. promised to take for coffee "right away"
i. got on the wrong airport exit, and end up on expressway
j. expressway has one exit. is not anywhere near coffee. or anything else.
k. finally get friend to where I promised I'd take her.
l. but not before getting off on the wrong exit, and having to get back on highway

Do I know how to show someone a good time or what?


Blogger jacqueline said...

Oh wow! That is....crazy! At least you found your ticket and got to your destination!! :]

August 27, 2008 11:21 PM  
Blogger softindierocker said...

Aw, poor you! You have the worst luck sometimes! =) Lol, parking lots and airports can be confusing!

~Lucy D =)

August 28, 2008 6:35 AM  

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