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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

For Seinfeld fans (hi, Jess!) and also, quite possibly, the best court story EVER:

"Maryland’s highest court is relying on a Seinfeld episode to explain why author Tom Clancy cannot harm a partnership with his ex-wife simply because of spite. In footnote 27, the court reprints dialogue between Seinfeld and a store clerk. Seinfeld tells the clerk he is returning the jacket for spite because he doesn’t like the salesman who sold him the jacket. This is part of the exchange:

Clerk: I don't think you can return an item for spite.
Jerry: What do you mean?
Clerk: Well, if there was some problem with the garment, if it were unsatisfactory in some way, then we could do it for you, but I'm afraid spite doesn't fit into any of our conditions for a refund.

And yes, this really is true. (I swear, real life is so much more crazy than novels ever are!)

Unrelated, but another great link: Sarah Monette on what she knows about writing--I love Monette's columns, but this one is especially good. "I know that in the end, it turns out that those lies are all there to point the way toward the truth. Or a truth. Or some truth. If we could just tell the truth straight out, it would save a lot of time. But on the other hand, telling lies is fun."


Blogger Jess said...

That is awesome, I love it!! Man, if I'd known that all you needed to do to navigate the justice system was have an encyclopedic knowledge of Seinfeld, maybe I really would have pursued a legal career! :)

Also, I picked up someone's new book today! It looks BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations!!!

September 03, 2008 10:43 PM  

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