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11 Days to Something, Maybe!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yesterday's winner was thatsnotmyname, who was the first person to suggest quizzes about the book, which I feel like I can handle doing. All of your suggestions were great though, and I do think I'm going to try and put in some other things as well. I'll keep you posted! :-)

There are 11 days left until Something, Maybe is in stores but I'm hearing rumblings that it's already shipping from certain online bookstores! (If you see it in your local bookstore this weekend, let me know! ooh, and if you want to post a picture or send one to me picture if you do find it, that would be amazing)

Back to the countdown, and today I'm going to talk about the cover for Something, Maybe

When it comes to my Simon Pulse covers, what usually happens is my awesome editor shows me a bunch of pictures and then we talk about them. If you'd like to see the contenders for the cover of Something, Maybe--which we started discussing back when the title was still Live! Nude! Mom. click here.

I wish I could pull them all out as individual images, but I have no idea how to do that with a pdf file, plus I think it's kind of cool to see all of them at once.

The second picture was--obviously--the one that caught my eye--and my editor's as well--but there was a problem. The girl's hair wasn't blond and Hannah is! But, as it turns out, that's easy enough to fix, and we got to this:

Getting closer, but something wasn't quite right--there was still something kind of flat about the cover. Also, the title had changed.** And so we ended up with this***:

And that's how the cover came to be!

But wait, doesn't it seem like I'm forgetting something?

I haven't, and today I'm giving away a copy of Laura Whitcomb's A Certain Slant of Light? For your chance to win all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your weekend plans. (I'll be rewriting!) Leave your comment by midnight tonight and then I'll pick one name at random and that person will win the book!

**The title was changed pretty late, after copies of Perfect You had gone out with the excerpt from Something, Maybe in it, which is why you can find copies out there that say the book will be Live! Nude! Mom. I still get asked about that, actually, and yep, Live! Nude! Mom. = Something, Maybe.

***For me, the best part of the cover? What Sarah Dessen was kind enough to say. Because hello, SARAH DESSEN! I am a total fangurl and the blurb was a dream come true. (I actually screamed when my editor told me.)

(Because of blog feed problems, this post was deleted and then reposted)