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oh, sweet rain! and links

Thursday, April 30, 2009

It rained yesterday, it's raining a little now, and all I can say is: Good job, Mother Nature! My pollen clogged brain thanks you! (Also, my car is now longer pollen yellow so a yay! for that as well. I knew I didn't need to go to the car wash! (Not that I've ever taken the car there, but still. The thought counts, right??))

A bunch of links today:

I think this is just about the coolest thing ever--a cup you can write on! Now if I think of something while I'm eating (and when I don't normally have a notebook with me), I can totally write it down! (Also, this butterscotch cookie recipe? The cookies it makes are addictive. No, seriously. You actually can NOT eat just one.)

An author shares her thoughts about finding an agent, and the importance of taking your time and making sure you and the agent are a good fit--while being offered representation is amazing, *don't* sign with the first agent who offers unless you are 1000% sure they are the right agent for you. It's very easy to get caught up in the joy of knowing you'll be agented, but it's so much better to take your time and find the *right* agent.

Agent Janet Reid thinks all writers should check out Robert Gregory Browne's articles about writing, editing, and agents. I haven't read all the articles, but the ones I have are quite interesting.

Over at the Genreality blog there's talk about writing every day--and I have to admit, as someone who doesn't write every day, all the "Yes, I write every day!" replies have gotten me thinking. DO most writers write every day? I mean, I love writing, but--well, how can you never *ever* take a break?

Agent Jenny Bent writes about "The Agent Who Knew Too Much"--great reflections from a long-time agent.

Also! Don't forget to head over here if you want to win a copy of Susane Colasanti's Waiting for You, and drop by here if you want to win a copy of Something, Maybe

out of this world contest winners! and, of course, links

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Out Of This World Contest winners are: Melinda won the star, Denise and Amanda each won a $25 gift card to the bookstore of their choice and Perry, Christa, and Jill each one a signed copy of one of my books.

And now on to the links:

Agent Jessica Faust on query letters--and the two reasons why you may not be getting requests for your novel from one

Michelle Sagara/Michelle West on the benefits of having an agent--lots of great stuff here, but this is my favorite bit: "Publishing your book at all is not done for the benefit of the novelist. It's done because the publisher feels it can make money by doing so. It's not a charity, and it's not an act of kindness on their part.

Agenting you? Is, in fact, done for the benefit of the agent. It's done because the agent feels that over time, they will be able to make a living with you as part of their stable. It is also not an act of charity or an act of kindness.


It is an act of faith. People can confuse these two things. I don't think they should."

She also has a very thoughtful post on things first-time novelists can do to help find an agent

A Publishers Weekly blog post about how adults are reading young adult novels

Is an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) the same thing as the finished book? Nope.

Thoughts about ARCs and loads of links to the many discussions that took place about ARCs and book bloggers can be found here

Over at Bookshelves of Doom, you can place your order for the very first issue of TBR Tallboy--for five bucks, how can you pass it up?

Allergy update: Pollen! So Much Pollen! Yesterday I drove by a car dealership where they were frantically trying to hose all the cars down so they wouldn't have that lovely (har) bright yellow pollen coat, and you could see that the first ones to get washed were *already* getting coated again.

the He Was There All Along contest

Monday, April 27, 2009

First, congrats to Summer, who won the big box of books!

Second, me and the amazingly talented Susane Colasanti and are running a contest together!

We're calling it the He Was There All Along contest in honor of our books, Something, Maybe and Waiting For You because....well, sometimes the right guy is there and has been all along. You just needed to notice him.

Entering this contest is super simple! I'll be giving away a copy of Susane's fabtastic Waiting For You when it comes out on May 14th and to enter, all you have to do leave a comment telling me about the time you--or someone you know--found out that the right guy for them wasn't some mysterious stranger or a guy they'd never met before but instead was someone they knew, someone who'd been there all along. (You also have to be a US resident or have a US mailing addy)

I'll be taking comments through midnight EST on Sunday, May 3rd, and then I'll pick one winner at random and that person will get a copy of Waiting for You as soon as it comes out!

And for those of you who'd like to win a copy of my book, Something, Maybe, just head on over to Susane's journal and enter the contest there. (And yes, you CAN enter both contests! In fact, you SHOULD!)

So there you go. Hit me up here, and hit Susane up over here about the time it turned out the right guy was there all along--either for you or a friend--and you could win a free book!

Only FOUR days left!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

There are only *four* days left to enter the Out Of This World Contest--where you could win a star, free books, and more--so send a picture of that receipt for Something, Maybe to elizabethscottcontest@gmail.com so you can get in on all the prizes!!

In other news, is this year's allergy season the worst ever or what? I'm taking double all my allergy medication and I'm still getting the whole itchy eyes/coughing/general allergy misery if I got outside for more than five minutes. I was out the other night and I ended up having to take a Benadryl just because I manged to inhale so much freaking pollen that I could feel my old and hated friend, Mr. Hive, coming out to play.

Before I shuffle off to sniffle (ha!) I've got some links to share:

Author Kurtis Scaletta has created a hilarious Amazon.com sales rank to bookstore clerk translator

Agent Nathan Bransford wants to know where you write--as you might expect, loads of comments, and it's really fascinating to see where people like to write (the tub! at work! (I totally did that) bookstores! (I could never ever do that--I would end up buying books and not writing at all))

Author Kathleen Duey is writing a novel, Russet, on Twitter, which I think is an amazing idea. And for people like me, who only check out twitter once in a while, she's putting every tweet up here--it really is worth checking out, not just to see what can be done with 140 characters, but because it's an addicting read. I know I'll be checking every day to see what's been posted.

win a box! (and yes, there is something in it :-) )

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Light report--it was off last night! Perhaps someone complained or maybe the bulbs burned out. Or perhaps the power bill arrived. I can't imagine it's cheap to shine the equivalent of the sunniest day of the year on a continual basis.

Also! I am very excited to report that I am giving away a big United States Priority Mail mailing box!

(I know. You're thinking, a box? That merits a "!"? Elizabeth, um, maybe you've spent too much time staring at that crazy light.)"

But trust me, the box merits an ! And this is why:

There are twelve--yes, 12--books in this box and you could win them all!

I'm not listing the books in the box--it's a surprise!--and so, for your chance to win, all you have to do is tell me about a book you've read that's surprised you--a plot twist you never saw coming, characters that did something you weren't expecting, an ending that left you stunned, etc.

Tell me about a book that's surprised you by midnight EST this Friday, April 24th and then I'll pick one name at random and that person will win the box of books! (Please note that this contest is only open to US residents)

*the light,* links and ARC winner

Monday, April 20, 2009

Congrats to the winner of the two ARCs--What Would Emma Do? and The Summer I Turned Pretty--Llehn.

And now for the continuing saga of THE LIGHT. Remember how our neighbors across the way put up that light that burned like a thousand suns ALL NIGHT LONG? Well, they turned it off for a few days, and I admit--I got hopeful.

It turns out it was off so they could install ANOTHER light. Yes. Now they have two. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and I swear, it was like it was high noon on a sunny day.

And it was 4:30.

And also raining.

Oh! Live time update: it looks like the lights are off! Dare I hope someone said something? Or there was a realization that no one's house needs to be seen from OUTER SPACE?

Cross your fingers!!

And, of course, I have links to share:

Lynn Viehl posts *exact* details of the royalty statement she received for a book that landed on the New York Times Bestseller list. I've never seen another author share so much information, from advance to what "reserve against returns" really means, and she explain it all so well. It makes for *very* interesting reading, so definitely check out The Reality of a Times Bestseller

Editorial Anonymous on good--and bad--reviews

Poets and Writers Magazine has a long interview with four agents

Editorial Anonymous on writer's block

At Murderati, Toni McGee Causey has a thoughtful essay that asks "How Do You Know When To Quit?"

Melissa Walker has the story behind the cover for Something, Maybe


Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll let you in on a secret. Every year, I read all about YALSA's Teen's Top Ten, where *teens* nominate and then vote on their favorite books from the past year.

I've always wished to be on the list. I mean, who wouldn't? Teens pick the nominated books! Teens vote and pick the winners!

I found out this morning that Living Dead Girl has been nominated.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I looked at the list of nominations, at all the amazing authors on there, and to know I'm on there too?


And I know I said it a bunch of times already, but it's worth repeating:

Thank YOU.

hope, links, and rock the drop! (plus win two books!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

You remember what today is, right?

Operation Teen Book Drop


Also, I recently posted about Little Willow asking authors for their definitions of and thoughts about hope. She very kindly asked me to participate, and you can read what I think hope is and what makes me feel it here

And now for some links:

Agent Nathan Bransford posted all the queries he promised for Agent for A Day. You can check them all out here, and see what he's had to say so far about the whole thing in his recap #1 and recap #2 -- It's been fascinating to follow and see what people have to say, and I can't wait to see his final summary post, which should be up early next week.

Agent Jessica Faust on earning royalties--it's an informative post, but what really caught my eyes was something someone else had linked to--a comment from an author who has some interesting things to say.

Finally, a fascinating--and very funny--essay by a novelist about being married to another novelist (As a side note, Halfway House? Made of AWESOME!)

Okay, I guess that's it except....

You know what? I haven't given some books away in a while and I'm feeling the need to!

So I'm going to.

Wanna win an ARC of The Summer I Turned Pretty *and* What Would Emma Do?

Just tell me what you think hope is by midnight EST on Sunday, April 19th, and then I'll pick one name at random and that person will win both books!

P.S. Only ten days left to enter the Out Of This World contest!!!

whoo! also, librarians? AWESOME!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just got word that Something, Maybe is a 2010 Quick Picks Nominee--YAY!!


Two links I had to share:

Jennifer Lynn Barnes on Miley Cryus, belief, and writing--not only is she so super-smart that it's kind of scary, she's so wise that it's mind boggling, especially considering how NOT wise I was when I was her age. This one is a must read, okay?

Author Kay Cassidy has created The Great Scavenger Hunt, which is a way for librarians to not only get people reading--but to win prizes too! It's really an amazing way to give back and if you are a librarian or go to the library (which should cover everyone, right??) you should either sign up for this or talk your fave librarian into doing it. And a huge WOW to Kay for doing something so amazing.

P.S. Nobody else watched Playmakers? Really? Why am I forever falling for shows that me and maybe three other people watch and so they always get canceled? (hello, Sarah Connor Chronicles!)

spread the word winner, links and more!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Congrats to the Spread The Word contest winner, YAthenaeum, and a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered!

And of course, the Out Of This World contest is still going on, and you've got about two weeks left to enter--and possibly win a star!


I've been watching a lot of stuff on Netflix lately and revisited a show I loved but had forgotten all about: Playmakers. Did anyone else watch this when it was on? I'd really forgotten how good it was, and I'm sad that the NFL supposedly pressured ESPN into canceling it. (Having said that, the last episode is a really good finale)

The New York Times on how the recession is actually improving sales of romances and on author advances

Last week, I Heart Daily reminded me of the soap that got me through my early lean and mean college years: Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap! I remember when you had to go to stores like EMS and REI to get it and I love that now you can buy it everywhere. It's pretty awesome, and although I admit I'm not willing to give up my shampoo now, I do have fond memories of Dr. Bonner's and its peppermint smell (and also reading that label--which never EVER got old!)

Justine Larbalestier on quoting your own work--I found this fascinating because I most definitely can't do that! (Also, the comments are v. interesting)

Jennifer Lynn Barnes on plotting for a non-plotter

Maureen Johnson on writing--You must dare to suck. You must try even when you’re not sure where it’s going.

Word has gotten out about Amazon's changes to their book ranking system, but just in case you haven't heard, the LA Times has a nice overview of what's happened, and Dear Author has more information, including ways to get in touch with Amazon.

in praise of Charlie (and links!)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I spent this Monday with Charlie, a field account manager for Simon & Schuster and it was fascinating! He travels all over the East Coast selling Simon & Schuster titles--adult, ya, kids--to bookstores and distributors. And Simon Pulse was awesome enough to ask me to spend the day with him, which, you know, more proof that Pulse is fabulous!

We went to Politics and Prose, one of the truly great independent bookstores, where I met the staff and signed books. (And of course, I bought some. What? It's a bookstore! You know how I am!)

Anyway, Charlie is just amazing--smart, funny, and wow, does he know books! You don't hear much about the people who actually sell bookstores all their books--but he's one of them and let me tell you, it's *not* an easy job. He travels a lot, has to know about hundreds of titles (at a minimum) and keep them all straight, plus know what stores will want which titles and then talk them into buying them!

We hear so much about editors and agents and even publicists and marketing but the account managers and the sales force--well, if you write a book and it ends up in stores, it's because someone like Charlie is out there, traveling all over and talking people into taking a chance on you.

I'm grateful to Simon Pulse for the peek into a world I knew nothing about, to everyone at Politics and Prose for being so gracious and welcoming, and to Charlie, who made me realize how amazing being published is all over again. Plus, I must say, he had the most amazing GPS unit I have ever seen. It managed to get through DC traffic without incident which is--well, pretty much a miracle!

I also have tons of links to share:

Agent Rachelle Gardner on what you should expect from an agent -- numbers 7 and 8 are the big ones for me, but all of these are things you absolutely should expect from your agent.

Agent Nathan Bransford wants to know what your favorite writing books are (as you might guess, oodles of comments on this one!) and he's even offering the chance to be an agent for a day!

Susan Beth Pfeffer, author of the magnificent Life As We Knew It and the dead and the gone, has some great writing advice

Justine Larbalestier on agents, how hard they work, rejection, and the importance of finding the right agent --A good agent is going to be with you for the long haul. You want them to believe in your writing as much as you do.

It's time for readergirlz's Operation Teen Book Drop--it takes place on the 16th, and I'll be taking part! (If you live in the DC area, and there's a place you'd like to see Something, Maybe dropped, let me know!)

Tess Gerritsen on how writers *aren't* their books

Sarah Monette on the purpose--and fun--of writing about imaginary places

Little Willow is asking authors about hope--what is their definition of it, and what makes them feel it?

And don't forget this--blog, tweet, facebook, myspace, whatever about Something, Maybe and the Out Of This World contest--and you could win loads of books, including some that aren't even out yet! (And yes, if you reviewed the book, that counts, so follow the link above and leave me yours!)

spread the word, win a bunch of books!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I don't know about your school's schedule, but around here, it's spring break time (yay!), and I thought it would be fun to celebrate that with a little contest. (What? I love them!)

It's really simple--all you have to do is help spread the word about Something, Maybe and the Out Of This World contest!

Here's how you can do that:

1. Blog about Something, Maybe and/or the Out Of This World contest and leave a link for it here in the comments

2. Post about Something, Maybe and/or the Out Of This World contest on your favorite message board (Although *please* don't spam, okay? Spam=BAD and no entry!) and leave the link here in the comments

3. Twitter about Something, Maybe and/or the Out Of This World contest and--yep, leave me a link to your twitter feed so I can check it out!

4. Mention it on your Facebook or MySpace page--and again, leave me a link (or if we're friends on Facebook/MySpace, just drop me a line on my wall or leave a comment so I can check it out!)

Here's the fun part:

You get one entry for every thing you do--for instance, if you've already blogged about Something, Maybe and provide a link to that, that's one entry. And then let's say you go ahead and blog about the contest, and then boom! Second entry!

Or you can blog about the contest, twitter your thoughts about the book, and mention that Elizabeth Scott is giving away a star on Facebook and right there--three entries! There's loads of possibilities :-)

And as it's spring break week here, I'll take entries until this Sunday, April 12th at midnight EST, and then tally up all the entries (and each person with multiple entries will get their name written on the appropriate number of slips of paper) and then I'll draw one name out of the picking hat and that person will win the following:

An ARC of Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle
An ARC of Rampant by Diana Peterfreund
If I Stay by Gayle Forman
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
Nightworld Volume 3 (Huntress, Black Dawn, and Witchlight) by L. J. Smith
Twilight: The Director's Notebook

That's right, ALL of those books!

Here's a direct link to the Out Of This World contest info: http://elizabethwrites.com/blog/2009/03/something-maybe-is-hereand-out-of-this.php

And here's the page about Something, Maybe: http://www.elizabethwrites.com/somethingmaybe.php

And in case you're interested, here's a little cut and paste about the book and the contest:

Just make sure to leave links to all your blog posts/tweets/etc so all your entries are counted (you can come back and leave more than one comment!) and *please* make sure you leave a way for me to contact you if you win!

New York report!

Monday, April 06, 2009

For those whose feeds strip out videos, you can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiKAYrpMV64

I'm exhausted but the trip was fantastic and all of you who came to the reading or the signing or both: THANK YOU!

One quick link-- a really fun interview I did about Something, Maybe for Chicklish and Wondrous Reads

Hi from New York!

Friday, April 03, 2009

How can you not love New York?

I survived the reading! I was so nervous--I went last!--but I think I did okay. And I got to hear loads of amazing authors read, including Gayle Forman, who read from If I Stay, which is out now and AMAZING! (There are some photos up at facebook if you want to see them)

I'm having lots of fun here, but you know what would make it even better?

That's right! YOU at the signing for Something, Maybe this Sunday, at 1 PM at Books of Wonder----if you live in the New York area, I hope you can come!

And if you can't, don't forget to enter the Out Of This World contest--you could win gift cards, books...or a star!

Finally, I want to say YAY! to Claudia Gray, who has a great new novel out, Stargazer--and who just made the New York Times Bestseller list! Claudia ROCKS, and so does her book!

Come see me in New York! (also Peeps! in cupcakes!)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Okay, how cute is this recipe for Peeps cupcakes?

Other stuff:

If you're on my mailing list and haven't gotten my latest message, make sure to look in your spam folder (esp. if you have a hotmail account) because the mailing list contest ends on the 6th!

And if you aren't on my mailing list, don't worry, there's a contest for you too, and it doesn't end until April 26th. So enter the Out Of This World contest--and you could win a star of your own!!

Finally, yes, I am mentioning my book signing again. It's this Sunday, April 5th, at Books of Wonder at 1 PM.

I know, it's like the ten thousandth time, but believe me, I can't help it! I'm very happy about it. And also quite nervous--I've done signings before, but never in New York and never with two very popular authors.

I confess, I worry I am not awesome enough to be part of this! It's like when I was at the NYPL Stuff for the Teen Age reception. I kept expecting someone to come up to me and say, "Yeah, there's a been a mistake, and Living Dead Girl isn't on the list after all. You should go now." (But instead I met awesome librarians and Coe Booth, who was so sweet, and someone who'd come all the way from California and who had actually heard of me! I may or may not have made a total cake of myself about that--okay, I did! You've seen my video blogs, you know how I am!)