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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I spent this Monday with Charlie, a field account manager for Simon & Schuster and it was fascinating! He travels all over the East Coast selling Simon & Schuster titles--adult, ya, kids--to bookstores and distributors. And Simon Pulse was awesome enough to ask me to spend the day with him, which, you know, more proof that Pulse is fabulous!

We went to Politics and Prose, one of the truly great independent bookstores, where I met the staff and signed books. (And of course, I bought some. What? It's a bookstore! You know how I am!)

Anyway, Charlie is just amazing--smart, funny, and wow, does he know books! You don't hear much about the people who actually sell bookstores all their books--but he's one of them and let me tell you, it's *not* an easy job. He travels a lot, has to know about hundreds of titles (at a minimum) and keep them all straight, plus know what stores will want which titles and then talk them into buying them!

We hear so much about editors and agents and even publicists and marketing but the account managers and the sales force--well, if you write a book and it ends up in stores, it's because someone like Charlie is out there, traveling all over and talking people into taking a chance on you.

I'm grateful to Simon Pulse for the peek into a world I knew nothing about, to everyone at Politics and Prose for being so gracious and welcoming, and to Charlie, who made me realize how amazing being published is all over again. Plus, I must say, he had the most amazing GPS unit I have ever seen. It managed to get through DC traffic without incident which is--well, pretty much a miracle!

I also have tons of links to share:

Agent Rachelle Gardner on what you should expect from an agent -- numbers 7 and 8 are the big ones for me, but all of these are things you absolutely should expect from your agent.

Agent Nathan Bransford wants to know what your favorite writing books are (as you might guess, oodles of comments on this one!) and he's even offering the chance to be an agent for a day!

Susan Beth Pfeffer, author of the magnificent Life As We Knew It and the dead and the gone, has some great writing advice

Justine Larbalestier on agents, how hard they work, rejection, and the importance of finding the right agent --A good agent is going to be with you for the long haul. You want them to believe in your writing as much as you do.

It's time for readergirlz's Operation Teen Book Drop--it takes place on the 16th, and I'll be taking part! (If you live in the DC area, and there's a place you'd like to see Something, Maybe dropped, let me know!)

Tess Gerritsen on how writers *aren't* their books

Sarah Monette on the purpose--and fun--of writing about imaginary places

Little Willow is asking authors about hope--what is their definition of it, and what makes them feel it?

And don't forget this--blog, tweet, facebook, myspace, whatever about Something, Maybe and the Out Of This World contest--and you could win loads of books, including some that aren't even out yet! (And yes, if you reviewed the book, that counts, so follow the link above and leave me yours!)


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Thank you for posting a link to the hope posts! You will have email very soon...

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