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Friday links

Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm totally doing the vlog of your AWESOME questions and it will be up early next week. Also, those of you who joined a certain group are getting a super secret sneak peek at one of my 2010 books next week...

And now on to the links:

Ally Carter on book piracy, and how it can actually end up hurting others in more ways than you might think

Nathan Bransford on claiming writing as your identity

Allison Brennan, who was one of the published authors featured in Nathan Bransford's Agent for a Day experience, has a very thoughtful post up about marketability

Check out this Horn Book interview with Sarah Dessen-- People have strong feelings about their high school years. They either really liked high school, or really hated it. You rarely find people who have no opinion whatsoever.

Kristin Nelson on the importance of knowing where--and who--your work has been submitted

Lynn Viehl on publishing stats, the importance of seeing them--and of keeping going--I love this part: "I’m out here every day, challenging those statistics. I’ve already stomped them, many times over. I defy them to define me, my career or my industry. Because when it comes down to it, they’re only numbers. They can’t think, or innovate, or improve themselves. They really can’t do anything but look scary. But you and me? We can do so much more than that."