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lost phones, links--and you all move fast!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My parents were in town the other day and I took them out to the Reston Barnes & Noble because my mother wanted a signed copy of Love You Hate You Miss You even though I pointed out that there were closer bookstores where she could get a copy and that, hey! I'd be happy to sign it for her!**

But we ended up in Reston and I found out that all the signed hardcovers of Stealing Heaven are gone--wow! You all work fast!

So, for those of you who wanted a copy but weren't able to get one, I'm very happy to report that the paperback will be in stores around July 4th. I'm really looking forward to seeing it on shelves--I think the cover is amazing, plus it will be my first paperback from a hardcover. I will probably mark the occasion by eating a piece of cake. (I know you are all shocked by that!)

In other news, I have managed to lose a phone. Not my cell phone, thank goodness, but we have three cordless phones and I was talking on one the other day, then put it down somewhere--and now I can't find it. And you know how cordless phones have those little beeper things that you can set off and use to find a phone if you do what I did?

Well, wherever I put the phone, the beeper thingy isn't working. Or me and my husband can't hear it. I spent last night looking everywhere--I even checked the washing machine!--but I can't find it. (It will probably show up in the fridge. It's like everything I lose turns up there. Hmm. Maybe there's some sort of black hole/vortex thing in my house that sucks things into the fridge. Hold on while I check to make sure the dog is still asleep on the sofa...........okay, she is. The vortex doesn't have her! Just the phone.)

And now that I have reminded you all of my stellar ability to misplace things, I think I'll share some links and then check the fridge...

Tess Gerritsen has a blog post up about how research almost got her arrested -- as someone who has done exactly what Tess has (right down to the note-taking!) I am very glad that what happened to her didn't happen to me because I never carry copies of my books with me!

Editorial Anonymous on name changes and the difference between earning out and selling through

**yes, what you're thinking is true. I don't give my parents copies of my books because I give away all my author copies to libraries because the nearest library (my county didn't have a library of its own) was my only source of books for years, plus librarians are just awesome in general. Also, I would feel weird giving family/friends my books because the "You should read this!" would be implied and I'd rather they buy the books and read them because they want to rather than feel that they have to. Luckily, I have awesome parents and they buy copies of everything I write and then even read them which just makes them that much more amazing and also adorable because then they do things like call and say, "So how did you know all that stuff about stealing silver? Is there anything you want to tell us?"


Blogger H said...

I know someone who went out for a meal and found her cordless phone in her bag. You didn't put it there thinking it was your mobile did you?

June 18, 2009 3:54 PM  
Blogger Thao said...

Tsk tsk you lost your cordless phone but just look on the bright side, it wasn't your cell phone.

The last few lines cracked me up. Your family sounds just as cute and fun as you do :)

June 19, 2009 1:01 AM  

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