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Friday, June 19, 2009

Check out this AMAZING alternate cover Mary created for Bloom (just click on the picture to see the entire image, which--trust me--is SO worth it!)

You all continually amaze me with your kindness, and THANK YOU so much for that!

P.S. Don't forget about The Summer of Books contest--you know you want an ARC of Catching Fire, Tricks, Prophecy of the Sisters, plus a signed copy of Along For The Ride and more!!


Blogger Thao said...

Woah that look so beautiful. I love how the synopsis was written on the sheet, simply cute!

June 19, 2009 11:23 AM  
Blogger Alea said...

What a wonderful job she did!

June 19, 2009 11:45 AM  
Blogger barbrafl said...

Wow, so cute. I love that cover.

June 19, 2009 3:27 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

That's so cute! I made an alternate cover for Living Dead Girl once. Photoshop is so much fun. =D

June 19, 2009 9:37 PM  
Blogger robby said...

that is such an awesome cover..
i wish i was artistic.

June 20, 2009 7:38 AM  
Blogger Genevieve said...

That is so cool! I love it.

June 20, 2009 3:13 PM  
Blogger paperback.pixie said...

oThat is GORGEOUS! I wish I knew even one thing about Photoshop :-)

June 22, 2009 4:41 PM  
Blogger iamliterate said...

That cover is really cute. I would definitely pick it up off the shelf.

June 22, 2009 9:47 PM  

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