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Monday, July 13, 2009

Congrats to last week's guest blogger winner, Melanie--and thanks again to all the guest bloggers and to those of you who talked me into twitter

The YA world is pretty quiet right now because of ALA, but I do have some links to share:

Keeping an Ideas File -- I don't actually keep a file--I have a couple of those expandable folder things where I put in bits of papers I've written things on, as well as whatever else has grabbed me enough to make me think "ooooh!" For instance, an article about fast food orders placed through giant call centers ended up in the folder I used when I was starting to think about Something, Maybe

Holly Lisle on wanting to write a novel, but not knowing what to write about

Diana Rowaland on tackling the editorial letter

High concept--an explanation and thoughts about putting it in your query letter

Mistakes Authors Make--part one and part two -- There's some particularly good advice in part one, like this: "Unfortunately, what works for one author promoting one title doesn’t often work for all the same way and heeding the wrong advice is often costly. It seems those who have the strongest and most vocalized opinions sometimes have the least experience to back it up. Always consider the source."


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Congrat, Melanie!

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