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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well, I'm back from vacation although oddly I'm more tired than when I left. Weird! I'm also thinking about defrizzing my hair via the Brazilian Blowout--has anyone out there done it? I would really love to be able to brush my hair and not have it poof out around my head.

Also! I'm so addicted to the Pretty Little Liars series, which I discovered while on vacation. I'm on the newest book now -- and the next one doesn't come out until January. waaaah!

And that leads me to this week's contest. This week, I'm giving away two ARCs: Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted and Pretty Dead by Francesca Lia Block. For your chance to win, tell me what book series you are--or have been--crazy for! I'll take comments through midnight EST this Friday, July 31st and then I'll pick one person at random to win both books. (And yes, you can enter this contest if you live overseas!)

On to links (loads today!):

Pimp My Novel explains what a comp title is -- this one is a must read. I never even new about comp titles until I read this post!

The New York Times has a great online section of essays by college students about classes, being a freshman, and college life in general. There's also lots of multimedia stuff too. (I liked What's In Your Locker?)

Jennifer Hubbard on a writer's need for patience

Susan Beth Pfeffer on book piracy or Why I'm Glad I'll Be Retiring Soon -- did you know she's written over 75 books? WOW!

Janice Hardy on making readers care about a story and why characters should have flaws

David Lubar on the truth about ARCs or why finished books are *ALWAYS* different

Intern Spills takes a look at the publishing process from inside a publishing house: from manuscript arrival to editorial meetings to making an offer

Editorial Ass on tiny print runs and what to do if it happens to you

Nicola Morgan blogs about how you must be willing to edit your writing -- "Those of us who want to be good writers, as good as we can possibly be, must be strong enough to allow (in fact welcome) professionals to judge our work. If we don't open ourselves to the notion that our work is not perfect, or is not even as good*** as it could be, then we don't deserve to improve. Or be published. Taking criticism is not easy, and I'm not saying we should always agree with it,. but we have to be open to it."

Not at all publishing-related but too good to not link to (I'm so making these for my husband!): a recipe for dulce de leche brownies


OpenID forevermore01 said...

I have been pretty crazy over Richelle Mead's Succubus series. The third novel ended being very sad so when the fourth came out I was hoping for a some happy resolution. There ended up being a little happy resolution but definitely not enough for my heart so, I am counting down the days until book five which doesn't come out until next year. I would still recommend it though, Richelle Mead is an amazing writer.

July 29, 2009 1:43 PM  
OpenID forevermore01 said...

oh and I forgot to give my e-mail (forevermore01)


July 29, 2009 1:45 PM  
Blogger Letter Garden said...

I'm crazy in love with the "A House of Night" series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. Yaaay for hot vampire books!


July 29, 2009 3:03 PM  
Blogger DeNiSe MaDnEsS said...

Im really excited about MAria V Snyder new Series
I loved the first one Storm Glass It was a great story with so much suspence I could put it down the Next in the series Is Sea Glass out Sep 1 or August 25 Amazone say August Authore web dit say Sep 1 Dont know who to belive


July 29, 2009 4:49 PM  
Blogger Bianca said...

I absolutely love the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. I have been reading them since 4th or 5th grade and wait every year for a new book. I will be sad once the series is over in a couple of years. I actually just posted a review of the latest one http://wickedgoodbooks.blogspot.com/2009/07/intensely-alice-review.html

infinitemusic19 AT gmail DOT com

July 29, 2009 6:01 PM  
Blogger Reading Rokz said...

A few series are..
Harry Potter series! Helllooo!
Blue bloods series
Twilight saga
Jessica darling series
faerie folk trilogy
...oh boy could I go on...but i won't. I was/am crazy for ALL of these books.


July 29, 2009 6:05 PM  
Blogger purplg8r said...

I love the Queen Betsy series by MaryJanice Davidson

belle2211 at yahoo dot com

July 29, 2009 6:12 PM  
Blogger Amee said...

I'm crazy about the Georgia Nicolson series. The last one is released in October!

July 29, 2009 6:15 PM  
Blogger WindyA said...

I loved Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments trilogy and was so glad I started reading them AFTER the last one came out because I would have hated waiting. But now I'm on to Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely series and just finished the newest one out a few weeks ago and have NO IDEA when the next one comes out. I hate waiting. :)


July 29, 2009 6:48 PM  
Blogger Taste Life Twice said...

I've been totally in love with the Fearless series by Francine Pascal for years now. It's a good thing it never ends. lol (I saw book #52 in a bookstore once.)



July 29, 2009 6:54 PM  
Blogger dreaming days away said...

Twilight, of course.

I've read the Blue Bloods, like those too. I started reading the Jessica Darling series... got through Charmed Thirds. It's so back and forth, off and on, with the main relationship that it really got on my nerves though. Not sure if I'll invest time in Fourth Comings or Perfect Fifths.

I'd really want to read the Mortal Instruments series, I've heard great things about it. :)

- Ashley
faithfulbrowneyes at yahoo.com

July 29, 2009 6:56 PM  
Blogger Eliz S. said...

Oh wow. There's so many great series that I love! I absolutely love The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare (now I just have to wait for The Infernal Devices...), Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series, The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong, and etc, etc!!

- Eliz S.

PS. Strange how vacations are always so tiring when you get back home... hope you had tons of fun though!! :)

July 29, 2009 7:11 PM  
Blogger Yan said...

addicted to Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, Hunger Games

July 29, 2009 7:26 PM  
Blogger barbrafl said...

I am completely crazy for Maria V Snyder's series, POISON STUDY which tells the story of Yelena and Valek, their love, though, after he is ordered to kill her because she has magic, things have to change. It is amazing, the series is over, but she's writing another series called STORM GLASS which involes the same world/characters, but is told in another character's eyes. I love it!

barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

July 29, 2009 8:17 PM  
Blogger Haley Mathiot said...

sigh. for a long time i was completely obsessed with... wait for it.... twilight. yeah. i mean, i still like it a lot. but now i've gotten out of the rut. anyway, i am SO FREAKING EXCITED for the next book in The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. omgosh. i loved the first one. i also like anything by James Patterson, especially his Maximum Ride series. but then there's Mortal Instruments... now that series is fantabulous also...

geez. you picked the wrong question! i love reading books in a series, and i have so many of them.... whatever. i haven't come across a book series i haven't liked in a long time.

haleymathiot (at) yahoo (dot) com

July 29, 2009 8:44 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

When I was younger I absolutely loved The Saddle Club by Bonnie Bryant. Those were in my horseless days, so they were a definite escape into a world in which I longed to live! Now, I've got my own horse. :)

July 29, 2009 9:02 PM  
Blogger Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I've always thought it was so weird how exhausting vacation can be when you get back home. I went on a trip to St. Louis at the beginning of the month and was wiped out on the drive home. That was only two days! Crazy.

I am in love with the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare. One word for you: Jace!
I'm on the last book right now, but I've been delaying the last part because I'm scared for a certain character. If anything happens to him/her, I will cry.


July 29, 2009 10:12 PM  
Blogger Lilibeth Ramos said...

Well, I have been crazy about a lot of series lately. Especially, considering Jeaniene Frost's Destined for an Early Grave just--just--came out and I absolutely love that series, really need to get that one. Lol, but right now I'm working on the Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie faria Stolarz, and so far so good, but I'm still only half way through the first book in the series so I have an open mind so far.


July 30, 2009 12:06 AM  
Blogger Llehn said...

I'm a big fan of Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games books. It's been a long time since I was so sucked into a book from the first page. Can't wait to get my hands on Catching Fire!


July 30, 2009 2:26 AM  
OpenID violetcrush said...

Love the links. I especially enjoyed reading Susan Beth Pfeffer's article.

The series I'm into right now is The Hathway series by Lisa Kleypas. I have read the first 2 books and the third one is releasing in September. I can't wait.

Other than that I just read 'And then Everything Unraveled' by Jennifer Sturman and it was fantastic. Can't wait for the next book in the series.

elizascott2005 at yahoo dot co dot in

July 30, 2009 5:31 AM  
Blogger runningforfiction said...

man, there's a lot of series' that have just really reeled me in.
i've only read the first Pretty Little Liars book, but it was amazing.
i haven't read e. lockhart's ruby oliver series, but i know when i do i'm going to love it.

runningforamsterdam @ hotmail . com

July 30, 2009 9:34 AM  
Blogger a flight of minds said...

Some book series I'm crazy for are The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, and Pretty Little Liars. That last one I find so addicting too. I have Killer in my TBR pile. :)

Alex (& Lauren) at aflightofminds(at)hotmail(dot)com

July 30, 2009 11:08 AM  
Blogger prophecygirl said...

I'm currently crazy about Catherine Murdock's D.J. Schwenk series. I can't wait 'til Front and Center is released!

Thanks for the contest :)

- Jenny

July 30, 2009 11:13 AM  
Blogger Diana Dang said...

I am dying for the 3rd novel of the Morgan Rawlinson series by Maryrose Wood! I re-read the 1st novel and was laughing my butt off!

July 30, 2009 11:15 AM  
Blogger WhatBriReads said...

The only series I can remember reading that I was completely crazy over (staying up all night to finish the books, etc) was Twilight. Not so crazy over it anymore; in fact I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit it because of all of the people who just got into it when the movie came out and such... [Had a friend who saw the movie 6 times in theaters. I personally didn't like it much.]

BUT ANYWAYS. :D I also really liked The Society of S series by Susan Hubbard. [And I never thought I was much of a vampire fan, but I just listed two series about vampires o.O]



July 30, 2009 11:17 AM  
Blogger Sab H. said...

I'm dying to get my hands on Catching Fire of the Hunger Games series!!! Probably number 2 would be Blue Bloods, I love it & the next book comes on oct. Both series I recommend a lot!

Thanks for the contest!!


July 30, 2009 11:18 AM  
Blogger Thao said...

I'm excited about Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater. Werewolves are hot<3


July 30, 2009 11:18 AM  
Blogger atomicxrawr said...

I love the Twilight series, but since it's over I've found that Kate Brian's Private series is really good. I was looking for a cleaner version of Gossip Girl and I found Private. I'm super-excited because it's being made into a web series too!


July 30, 2009 11:24 AM  
OpenID cindysku said...

I am loving trhe Hunger Games series. I was lucky enough to get a copy of Catching Fire and it was wonderful.

July 30, 2009 11:39 AM  
Blogger Olivia said...

I've been crazy for sooo many series.
I absolutely love reading and I rarely ever dislike a book. I guess the top 2 series I love are The Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare and The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison, thought the first one pwns the second :D

July 30, 2009 11:43 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

well...when i was little, i was OBSESSED with the babysitters' club. lol :)
i've come a long way since then...

right now i'm pretty in to alyson noel's immortals series.

and i also LOVE the luxe novels ny ana godbersen. they're sooooooo amazing because they're written in the perspective of girls living in 1899, but they're so easy to relate to, even today. historical novels that you don't get lost in!!

-Ashley, howveryacely@gmail.com

July 30, 2009 12:52 PM  
Blogger award said...

I just read the first book in the Molly Murphy series, Murphy's Law, by Rhys Bowen. It's not a teen series but it's still good. Part mystery and romance with historical flair. I can't wait to read the rest.


July 30, 2009 1:25 PM  
Blogger fashionable librarian said...

It's seems really cliche, but I went nuts over Twilight. I only just read the series a couple months ago, but it took over my life. It definitely had a(n evil) hold over me. I feared I'd never want to read anything again and I'd spend my days thinking about Edward. I still hold out hope that Midnight Sun will get finished.

July 30, 2009 1:40 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

I love the Vampire Academy series a ton along with Pretty Little Liars one which I'm addicted to. By the way, thanks for the links, I love reading all the different articles about publishing that I wouldn't always find without your blog. :)


July 30, 2009 1:56 PM  
Blogger Kaitlyn said...

I have been crazy over the mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare! The books are really amazing!



PS: Great giveaway!

July 30, 2009 2:05 PM  
Blogger Megan Barnes said...

I absolutely love the Au Pair series. There are so many ups and downs and the girls are so different. The girls stuck together through all of the drama and Ryan and Mara ended up together which is what I was hoping for. Yay!


July 30, 2009 2:24 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Foltz said...

I've really loved the Midnighter series by Scott Westerfeld. I know he's known way more for his Ugly series, but I find this one just as good. Just when you think you know what's happening - the whole thing gets flipped upside down! I also like that it's not the "popular" kids that are the main characters.

Oh for those that don't know it - it's a series in which 5 teenagers get an extra hour each day. At exactly midnight the world stops and freezes for everyone but them. During this hour tho - not everything evil is gone.

July 30, 2009 3:56 PM  
Blogger benjamintchip said...

Elizabeth, that was really interesting about the ARCs. I was wondering: In your own experience, how different have the ARCs of your novels been from the finished products? Have there been any big changes, and if so, can you give some examples? (Eek, that sounded a bit like a high school or college essay question!)

July 30, 2009 5:19 PM  
OpenID luckygirl1112 said...

I'm crazy about the Mortal Instruments trilogy by Cassandra Clare, the Immortals series by Alyson Noel, the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine, the House Of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast, and the Wake trilogy by Lisa McMann. I love to many books.

July 30, 2009 6:03 PM  
OpenID luckygirl1112 said...

Sorry forget the e - mail jfgirl@hughes.net

July 30, 2009 6:04 PM  
Blogger poodle649 said...

PLL is fun! I haven't read the newest one yet, though. Soon!

One of my favorite series was Night World by L.J. Smith. It had everything in it. Different narrators for different stories, different beings in each book. Ah, good times. =)

July 30, 2009 6:06 PM  
OpenID moonkeygirl101 said...

i've been sucked into a lot of series like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, the inkheart series,but at the moment i'm totally into the i'd tell you i love you but then i'd have to kill you series, blue bloods and the evernight series


July 30, 2009 6:15 PM  
Blogger Sylvia said...

Yay!! I'm glad you like Pretty Little Liars! I love it too:) But of course, for me, nothing can beat the Private series by Kate Brian, it's really, really wonderful:D Thanks for this contest, I've been dying to read Crazy Beautiful!! I hope I win:)


July 30, 2009 9:20 PM  
Blogger Brittani said...

I would have to say the Private and Privilege series by Kate Brian. They are absolutely fantastic! =)

- Brittani

July 30, 2009 11:24 PM  
Blogger alyssa_gonzales19 said...

my favorite series was the mediator series by meg cabot but now im getting into evermore: The Immortals by Alyson Noel :D

July 31, 2009 12:05 AM  
Blogger unwrittn_melody said...

I am on the brink of obsession with the Max Quick series by Mark Jeffrey. The books are self-published but they have been AMAZING so far! I can't wait to read the third one!

July 31, 2009 12:43 AM  
Blogger Olivia said...

My e-mail is omgitsoml14@aim.com

July 31, 2009 5:47 AM  
Blogger Brittany said...

I'm really into the Jessica Darling series right now . . . so good.

July 31, 2009 10:57 AM  
Blogger Qill Gill said...

I am terribly crazy for the Princess Diaries series and Georgia Nicholson's series. Both are so much fun to read! Great contest, Elizabeth.


July 31, 2009 1:20 PM  
Blogger Megg said...

Well, right now I'm really excited for the sequel to Richelle Mead's Vampire Acdemy and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Only about a month left!).

Finished seris would be Uglies by Scott Westerfeld and Princess Diarys by Meg Cabot. Harry Potter tops it though :)

July 31, 2009 2:47 PM  
Blogger So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I've been crazy over so, so many series' but expecially Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy and Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments trilogy. I love the Pretty Little Iars too, though we haven't even got book four in the UK yet!


July 31, 2009 4:47 PM  
Blogger Paradox said...

I have been crazy over Gone by Michael Grant and want to read the sequel (Hunger) so badly!

July 31, 2009 6:58 PM  
Blogger dazhac said...

I hve been coo coo bananas about The Good Girlz series by Reshonda Tate. I've read all of them accept for the last one because it hasn't arrived at the library yet but in the last one I read one of the five members of the good girlz were stab and almost died by a hoolagan.before i read any of them i thought it was going to be stupid but this book series was sooooooo good that i never wanted the books to end they are a must read!!!

August 01, 2009 2:18 AM  

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