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(hugs internet) plus links and last day to give me your thirteen reasons!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I went away for a few days, and I only had internet access via dial-up. It was PAINFUL. Thank goodness I actually had written Monday's blog entry before I left because the one time I sat through the modem clicking and chirping and waited and waited (and waited) to get online, it took me an HOUR AND A HALF to get online, get into Twitter and post two tweets.

An hour and a half! It reminded me why I wanted such a simple look for my website, that's for sure--because not everyone has access to a very fast internet connection. (And you can bet I came back with a renewed appreciation for our connection--pages load in seconds, not hours! I can sign on to something and don't have to go read a book for thirty minutes while I wait for the page to load!)

Anyway, for those of you still out there on dial-up, you have my respect.

Before I move on to the links, I just wanted to remind everyone that you have until midnight EST *tonight* to enter the thirteen reasons contest

And now, links!

A Writers Digest article about plausibility

Maggie Steifvater has a truly great blog post on how to write a novel --this one is going into the list of links I send out when people write to me asking about writing

What makes a successful author website?

Nathan Bransford on the myth of "just an author"

An insider's look at children's (including YA) sales--a look at what's hot, average advances, and the difference between MG and YA

An interesting blog post about poker players and the stages of a writer (!)

Amusing post about formatting and ending a story

Things that DON'T help your query letter: part one and part two

Laurie Halse Anderson wants to know how many days a week you write, how you find time to write, and all about distractions

Editorial Ass on why you need to turn your draft/revisions/edits/proofs in on time

Finally, I have a fan site! (!!!) I'm so surprised--and touched--that this happened--so a huge thank you to Katy, who created and runs the site, and if you get a chance, drop by--I'll be checking in and answering questions and generally being amazed. Because a fan site!!!