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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This is going to be one long week--I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday. (!) On the plus side, however, Lisa McMann, all-around fabulous person and author of the NYT Bestesllers WAKE and FADE has a *free* story from Cabel's POV. ooooh!


Laura Zeises on how her new novel, The Sweet Life of Stella Madison, got her writing again--I especially love the part called "How Stella Gave Me My Groove Back"

A.S. King on hitting writing bumps--funny (the bits about her reactions to internet writing tips are hilarious!) and really inspiring.

A great post from agent Ethan Ellenberg about royalties

Editorial Ass on the importance of knowing what category your book is--"Know going in EXACTLY which shelf your book will be sold on in your neighborhood indie, BNN, or Borders. If the shelf is unclear to you, you're going to need to reshape your project--perhaps not much, but definitely a little.

Here, as elsewhere, I'm not claiming the system is perfect. But stock buyers (here I mean the bookstore owners and corporate buyers, not customers) at the major chains and at many large indies buy by subject. That means that the sales rep from your publishing company needs to talk to one specific designated subject buyer, and convince that one person that your book is worth the precious space in their section and budget. This is why subject-ambiguous books often do not succeed. It is very, very difficult to even sell them into stores."