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okay, I don't get the Don Draper thing.

Friday, August 21, 2009

I've started watching Mad Men. Why? Well, for a while it seemed like everyone on Twitter had these little Mad Men icons and I guess it got to me b/c I ended up pushing s1 to the top of my Netflix list.

Anyway. I'm totally loving Peggy, but I'm not feeling the Don Draper love. Like, not at all. Does something happen in later eps of s1 that make you crazy for him? (I feel sort of guilty for saying all this, like there's some sort of unwritten Don Draper law I've broken!)

So there is my current dilemma, and perhaps I can ponder it while I wait in line when I go to the post office (is there never NOT a line at the post office?)

Which reminds me--don't forget to enter the Wait and Win contest!!

Before I head off to wait and ponder what I'm not getting about Don Draper, let me toss out some links:

Editoral Ass on agents and follow-up -- "...if an agent doesn't follow up about a manuscript there is a 9/10 chance we're not going to read it (certainly not going to buy it).

When an agent doesn't follow up, they're demonstrating a number of things, the foremost being that they don't EXPECT the book to sell.

Lynn Viehl, who is the only NYT bestselling author I know of to ever openly talk about (and post!) her royalty statements, tackles talking to people who want to write a novel -- one thing I really admire about her is that she is very, very honest. Sometimes brutally so, but I think that's what makes her posts about publishing and wanting to write so worth reading.

Agent Rachelle Gardner has a very encouraging post about writing and selling even though the economy is still rocky -- "My point is, even though the economy has been making a lot of people miserable for quite awhile now, business is still being done and publishing continues. Yes, it's changing, but that's true of our world at large, not just publishing. Yes, times have been rough, but we're weathering it."


Blogger Adrienne said...

I love Mad Men! I think you'll start to like Don more later on.

August 22, 2009 1:25 PM  

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