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Monday, September 21, 2009

Actually, despite the ! in the title, I'm not super enthused about it being Monday. I'm mostly just really, really tired. But! You all shared so many great moments last week that I was totally cheered up, and thank YOU for that! (I have the best blog readers ever. EVER!)

And congrats go out to Fuzzy, who won the ARC of Leviathan!

In other news, I recently did a radio interview with KOPN, and you'll be able to hear my interview on the 22nd, or TOMORROW (yay!), between 2-4 PM EST, or 3-5 CT--and there will be a giveaway of two audiobooks of Something, Maybe--so make sure you tune in! You can listen here.

Now on to the links:

Interesting blog post about becoming an atheist of the muse

Nathan Bransford asked people when they write, and as you can guess, he got tons of responses, which makes for fun reading -- I think I admire people who get up at 3 or 4 AM to write before going to work all day. That is some hardcore dedication!

If you read only one link today, make it this one--Ellen Hopkins was supposed to visit Oklahoma and speak to students at a middle school. When a parent went into the school and demanded that Ellen's books Crank and Glass be pulled from the school's library, not only were the books pulled for review, but the school district's superintendent CANCELED HER VISIT. There are so many levels of wrong going on here I don't even know where to start.

I think Ellen herself says it best:"However, I can see a parent's concern. So fine. Don't let YOUR child read them. However, NO ONE PERSON should be able to tell other people what their children can or can't read. I have received thousands of messages from readers (and yes, many are middle grade), thanking me for: turning them away from drugs; insight into their parents'/other family members' addictions; allowing them to live vicariously through my characters, so they don't actually have to experience those things; literally saving their lives. Who has the right to keep books that do these things off the shelves? And the bigger question, who has the right to keep ANY books off the shelves? Who gets to decide? One parent and a misguided school superintendent?""

Fascinating--and to be frank, slightly worrying--blog post by Daniel Menaker (former Editor-in-Chief at Random House) on working in publishing, and the state of the industry itself

I'm not normally a book trailer watcher, but the one for Melissa De La Cruz's new novel? WOW. (Let's face it, for a book trailer to make EW, it's gotta be awesome!)

The Intern wants you to remember that sometimes you might want to update your cover letter

Lynn Viehl on hurry up and wait -- "Working in a hurry up and wait atmosphere can be frustrating and stressful if you’re on the wait end of the equation. It certainly does nothing good for the ego to be treated as if your time has no value."

Justine Musk delivers, as always, an excellent column for Storytellers Unplugged, this one about facing the anxiety of writing -- I especially love this part:"Writing fiction is serious business. It demands nothing less than everything you’ve got to give: your blood, sweat, heart and soul; your time; your ego. You expose yourself in your work and again when you show your work. It deserves to be taken seriously, and yet somehow we have to find a way to treat it lightly, hold it lightly, so it doesn’t slip away from us."

Former editor and now agent Betsy Lerner talks about editors and books that got away--the one about the editor who passed on Prep...ouch!

So, say you get your first ever check from a publisher. Time to put it in the bank and pay bills, right? Wrong. You have to pay taxes. Check out this great blog post by Rachel Aaron about something that far too many writers don't think about: the IRS (There are also some great links in the post)

Nicola Morgan on writing habits and why you sometimes need to break them


Blogger Haley Mathiot said...

congrats to the winner!

about the book censorship thing--i wrote an essay about it, and i've put it on my blog. please read it if you like.


thanks!! and thanks for the awesome links :D you always have great links to share

September 21, 2009 1:47 PM  

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