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what's up with livejournal?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Does anyone know why it's taking LiveJournal hours (or recently, DAYS) to put up syndicated feeds? It's very odd to post something at 9 am yesterday and then read it this morning.

I do have a few links today and I'm warning you in advance, some of them mention me and well, you know, once in a while I can't help myself...

An article about why Banned Books Week is still needed in The Huffington Post and hey! Living Dead Girl is mentioned! Check it out.

Agent Nathan Bransford explains exactly what agents do -- great post to read if you want an agent, but don't forget to do your homework--check out the agent's deals, see if you can talk to current (or better yet, former) clients, and make sure the agent isn't doing too much--or too little. (I knew I'd signed with the wrong agent when my first agent couldn't be bothered to do or send things I asked for or about, but yet somehow found the time to spend hours online everyday updating their blog and chatting)

Someone wants to know what songs remind you of my book Love You Hate You Miss You--as I didn't listen to music when I wrote the book, I can't answer the question. But maybe you can????


Blogger Katy said...

"Leave Out All The Rest" by Linkin Park is one of the songs I listened to while I was READING, the book.
Maybe..."Afraid" by Vanessa Hudgens.

October 01, 2009 8:57 PM  

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