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Monday, October 26, 2009

This weekend flew by in a blaze of rewriting (I actually woke up this morning not entirely sure of what day it was!) but I do have loads of great links to share:

Agent Nathan Bransford wants to know if writing can ever be bad for you--or, as he says, "As a society, we often celebrate tortured and struggling artists who finally make it big despite their obstacles, and yet we don't often examine the flip side of this, which is that the vast majority of tortured and struggling artists don't actually make it."

Agent Kristin Nelson talks about authors looking to change agents--scary reading, but a good look at how tough the publishing market is right now.

Editor Unleashed on agents and trust--or why you should run as fast as you can if an agent refers you to a self-publishing company

Agent Jessica Faust talks about deadlines, what agents do, and why agents set guidelines not just for potential clients, but for clients as well

Author Lynn Viehl has a lovely post about writing the last book in a series

The Rejectionist has a fascinating rejection letter to share

Justine Musk, who is one of the best bloggers to ever blog about writing, has another great one: Failure Is Good For You. She talks about all the novels she wrote before the one that got accepted for publication--she started writing when she was really young!--and she also has some really smart things to say about writing and being rejected. I love the whole thing so much I could quote it all, but I'll just share this part:

"What is required, however, is a long-range view and a cool eye. You need to see your completed novel not as your ‘baby’ but one small part of a much larger whole: your education and growth as a writer.

You need to be cool and dispassionate enough to stand apart from your work and understand it as exactly that – your work.

It is not you.

It is not your ego.

It is this thing you made, and by making it you became a better, more-practiced writer, and now you’re going to make something else and, after that, something else again.

It is not a waste of time and effort because it didn’t get published.

It is practice.

Let me repeat that: it is practice."

See? A definite must-read, so go on and head over to Justine's blog!

Agent Jennifer Jackson on query letters

Finally, ast September, I posted a link to Barbara Caridad Ferrer's livejournal entry about having a book canceled. As I said then, "I didn't know this sort of thing happened, so color me surprised, and very impressed with Ferrer's honesty in writing about it." (As far as I know, she's still the only writer to ever talk about having a book canceled by the publisher)

Why bring up a link from last year? Well, you see, I'm happy to say that the book in question has found a new home--Congragulations, Barbara, and thanks for being so open about your writing journey!


Blogger Alea said...

Love the rejection letter. <3 Warhol!

October 26, 2009 1:09 PM  
Blogger Justine Musk said...

Elizabeth, thank you so much. I think your comments on my blog just made my day. :)


October 26, 2009 4:57 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Scott said...

Alea, isn't it something?

Justine, thank YOU for your amazing blog posts. You are such an inspiration!

October 28, 2009 8:25 AM  

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