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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I totally hate those nights where you technically "sleep," but most of said sleep is taken up by strange dreams (people looking at bowls of alphabet soup (???)) and waking up every thirty minutes or so. What I wouldn't give to be able to sleep like my dog, who not only can seemingly fall asleep at will, but who is a true, champion sleeper. She can sleep through thunderstorms that produce window-shattering hail, through 4th of July fireworks that go on at night well past the 4th, and through my husband's truly legendary snoring. (On more than one occasion, he has snored so loudly he has woken himself up. I think that pretty much says it all)

So before I head off to attempt a nap (feels very strange to type that in the morning!), I leave you with links:

Very interesting post at Storytellers Unplugged about writing in different genres--Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Betsy Lerner shares a few editor lunch horror stories -- "I was having lunch with an author and his wife, also a writer, on the eve of his publication. At the beginning they let me know they felt nothing but disdain for our corporate parent company. Then to alleviate their liberal guilt over taking money from such monsters, they ordered everything on the menu and stuck me with a $300 bill for lunch.”

Thought-provoking post about promotion--What Then Should We Do?
I think the following quote is so true and is, hands down, the best publicity any author can get: "There is still one thing that is beyond price, that cannot be bought and paid for, that cannot be wheedled or bullied or blackmailed out of people. Word of mouth. Readers’ word of mouth. If you like a book...tell other people about it."

Agent Jessica Faust on blurbs

The Rejectionist on sentimentality. Also, so right about Reality Bites!