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contest winner, links, and mailing list update!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Huge congrats go out to Miss Emily, who won the thankful contest--and the box of 12 ARCs! (Miss Emily, I've sent a message to the email you provided, but haven't yet heard back, so please check your spam box because it may have landed in there, and I need to hear from you to send you the books! :-) )

And thank YOU all for your amazing comments on the post--it seems like everyone has a lot to be thankful for this year, and that makes me happy.


My holiday mailing list message went out this morning--and if you're on the list and didn't get it, please check your spam folder! If the message hasn't shown up by the end of the day or early tomorrow, email me, and after I double check to make sure you are on the list, I will happily send you the email again, because--well, you all know how much I heart everyone on my mailing list!!!

Finally, I have--of course!--links to share:

A former slush reader talks about ways to Escape from the Slushpile

Genreality's Bob Mayer talks about publishers, promotion, and an accusation supposedly made by a publisher about authors ripping off publishers (!!!)

From the how-come-no-one-else-has-ever-thought-of-this! department: book rejection bingo

Justine Larbalestier reminds all you NaNoWriMoers to take care of yourselves--and it's good advice for everyone who writes

Scott Westerfeld also has a NaNoWriMo tip, this one about the importance of finishing

Finally, Justine Musk has yet another eloquent essay up, this time on the power of showing what's important in a story

NCTE/ALAN, contest reminder, and links

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NCTE/ALAN was amazing--a huge Thank You! to everyone who took the time to come to my signings or listened to me and my editor at Simon Pulse talk about Living Dead Girl. It was a real honor to meet so many teachers and school librarians who are passionate about reading, and as the child of two high school teachers, I know how hard you work, and please know that I appreciate and applaud all you do, especially in this era of ever-shrinking budgets.

I also want to send a special thank you to the lovely woman who helped me get to the NCTE convention area just in time for my first signing--my train broke down on my way to Philly, and I got to the hotel with about fifteen minutes to make it to my signing and she not only told me where to go, she actually took time out of her own schedule to make sure I got there.

Finally, I just want to say it was mind-blowing to actually be up on stage talking about something I've written--I went to the ALAN workshop in Nashville in 2006 and in New York in 2007 and never, ever did I think I'd one day be up there speaking. But it happened, and I am so glad it did!

Before I move on to the links, I want to remind you that you have until midnight EST tonight to tell me what you're thankful for--and win a box of 12 ARCs!


Agent Jessica Faust shares her thoughts about "my dream client", asks "what will you do to publish?", and the importance of taking the time to write the best book you can

Lynn Viehel talks about why it's important to write about things that make you uncomfortable--"Writing about the things we fear isn’t something I think we should avoid, though. In as much as we like to write about things we love, I think it can be just as important to explore on the page things we hate or fear or dislike. Those emotions are just as valid, and expressing them in a constructive venue like writing can be the first step toward a healthy resolution. Even if that means taking a long, close look at something we’d rather avoid, I think it also helps the quality of the work to present the shadows as well as the light. That way we don’t end up writing nothing but fairytales that take place in the Village of Smiling People to whom nothing bad ever happens."

The Intern has more NaNoWriMo advice

Nathan Bransford has lots and lots of links about what's going on in publishing now--a great way to catch up on what's been happening (and a lot has happened!)

With Oprah going off the air in 2011, The Millions looks back at Oprah's Book Club

Editorial Ass on revision advice and gut instinct

Carrie Vaughn has a great post about Emily Dickinson, complete with one of Emily's poems that is guaranteed to strike a chord with all writers

You might remember that NYT bestselling author Lynn Viehl talked about and posted her royalty statements for one of her bestselling books--an act of honesty that I applaud her for--and now a few other authors have stepped forward to talk about their earnings as well. Kimberly Pauley talks about hers here (and be sure to read the comments as Ellen Hopkins chimes in!) and Saundra Mitchell does the same here

One last thing--Sebrina Schultz designed an absolutely amazing alternate cover for Stealing Heaven. It is SO beautiful and I'm very grateful to her for letting me share it. Check it out here.

I'm thankful for YOU!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I've decided to give away another Priority Mail box full of books. Why? Well, because I've been thinking about how supportive all of you have been this year and I just want to say thank you! (Plus, you know, I do like giving away books!)

Here's the deal. There are twelve--yes, 12--ARCs in this box and you could win them all!

I'm not listing the books in the box--it's a surprise!--but I will say that in order for you to win, all you have to do is tell me what *you're* thankful for this year.

Tell me what you're thankful for by midnight EST this Wednesday, November 25th--and then I'll pick one name at random and that person will win the box of books! (Please note that this contest is only open to US residents)

just realized it's almost time to start packing for NCTE/ALAN (yay!!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This just in: I've found out Grace is going to be published in September 2010, and have updated the books page to show that. (yay!) And as soon as I have the release date and the cover, you can bu sure I'll share that with you as well!

I'm also very happy to announce that Harmony's ARC blog tour of the third ARC of The Unwritten Rule is now open to sign-ups for US residents--no mailing to or from Canada required!

Sign up here (and make sure you join Harmony's tour, which you can do by sending an email to: onearctours[at]yahoo[dot]com with “ARC Tour” in subject line)

For feeds that strip out links, sign up to read the ARC of The Unwritten Rule here: http://onearctours.blogspot.com/2009/11/unwritten-rule-by-elizabeth-scott.html

And here are today's links:

Nathan Bransford on waiting--this time from the writer's point of view

Justine Musk talks about one thing you will most definitely need if you want to be a writer

Over at Genreality, a great blog post about Paying The Writer - "I have a very practical take on the art and business of writing. Note I say art and business. A successful author must be very good at both. To become an artist, one must learn the craft of writing. To be successful as an artist one must learn the business in which the art is sold."

Agent Rachelle Gardner answers reader questions about earning out on first novels, advances, and more

More NaNoWriMo tips from Justine Larbalestier

And speaking of NaNoWriMo--if you're doing it, how's it going? What's been your favorite part about writing this month? Or what's been your least favorite? (One of my least favorite writing memories of all time is how I once lost ten pages of something I was working on and could not get it back no matter what I did. That was the day I started backing everything up!)

NCTE/ALAN and ARC update

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've been so wrapped up in things I totally forgot to tell you that I'm going to be at NCTE and ALAN this coming weekend, and if you're there, I would LOVE to see you! Here's where you'll be able to find me:

NCTE/ALAN Schedule

Saturday, November 21st

12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Signing with HarperCollins, Booth #213

3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Signing with Simon & Schuster Booth #419

Sunday, November 22nd

5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. ALAN Reception

Monday, November 23rd

2:45 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. ALAN Program: “Veterans in the YA Business"
I'll be speaking with my Simon Pulse editor, Jennifer Klonksy, along with other amazing authors and their editors: Tim Wynn Jones with Liz Bicknell (Candlewick), Rebecca Stead with Wendy Lamb, Mary Pearson with Kate Ferrell (Holt), and Sara Zarr with Jennifer Baily Hung (Little Brown) (And yes, believe me, I am *thrilled* to be in such exalted company!!)

5:15-6:00 p.m. Book signing after the program


As for the ARC update: For the moment, if you live in the US and are interested in reading and reviewing an ARC of The Unwritten Rule for your blog, please email me your name and blog information. My email is elizabeth at elizabethwrites dot com


And, of course, the links:

Pimp My Novel on remainders--or what happens to all the copies of a novel that don't sell

Nathan Bransford on what reality shows illustrate about writing and publishing

Rachelle Gardener provides a great and very clear over view of sell in, sell through, and earning out--which means she talks about how many copies of a book are ordered (sell in--which can also be called lay down or shipped copies), how many copies actually sell (sell through--this is the number that counts. A publisher can ship six million copies, but if only one million sell, then your publisher is stuck with five million of your books--and see Pimp My Novel's post above for what will more than likely happen to them) and what happens when you earn more than your advance was through your sales (earning out).

Editorial Ass on the difference between earning out and making money for your publisher

ARCs of The Unwritten Rule update (Canada, I'm looking at you!!), contest winner, and links

Monday, November 16, 2009

First off, congrats to Jennie, winner of last week's contest...and it seems you all want a trailer for The Unwritten Rule. I admit, I was not expecting that! I don't have the money for a proper trailer like the one Melissa has for The Van Alen Legacy (that was a truly great trailer)--in fact, I don't have money for a trailer at all, so I'll be making a homemade one. (eek! If anyone has any tips, please feel free to share them!)

I'll also be doing the virtual book signing because I think creating a new, private account on twitter and facebook and having what is basically a private hours long chat the day the book is released sounds like fun--we'll talk about the book, I'll be running a trivia contest, and I'll even be giving the inside scoop on my upcoming books!

ARC update:

Harmony's ARC tour for The Unwritten Rule is up, as I posted on Friday, and please note that while both US tours appear to be full, the one for Canadian book bloggers is still open.

Finally, links:

Nathan Bransford on how the Internet has changed publishing, and how difficult it can be for even a super-publicized book to break out

Agent Jessica Faust on what you really REALLY don't want to do if you want to be published and on trusting your editor

Great guest blog over at Jeff Vandermeer's blog from Eden Robins on learning to love, or at least tolerate, a day job

And yet another fab guest blog over at Jeff Vandermeer's blog again, this time from Caren Gussoff on what editors want

Author Justin Musk on finding the hook in your story

Jennifer Jackson on query letter superstitions

Author Sarah Monette has a very candid post up about how poor sales figures can (and usually do) result in a name change if you want to keep publishing, using herself as an example. I think Sarah is an amazingly talented author, and I'm glad she posted about this not just because I think it's good industry information to know about, but also because now I know how I can get my hands on her next book!

ARCs of the Unwritten Rule available NOW!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Harmony, who runs the fabtastic 1 ARC tours, has put all three ARCs of The Unwritten Rule up for blog tour now!

You can sign up for the tour here: http://onearctours.blogspot.com/2009/11/unwritten-rule-by-elizabeth-scott.html

Please note two copies are for US residents, and one is for Canadian residents (gotta thank Simon Pulse Canada and its awesomeness for donating the ARCs for these tours!)

So yes--there are plenty of copies, so go and sign up! Again, sign up to review an ARC of The Unwritten Rule for your blog is here: http://onearctours.blogspot.com/2009/11/unwritten-rule-by-elizabeth-scott.html -- and please note that you must have signed up for Harmony's blog tour as well--if you haven't yet, you can do that by going here (for feeds that strip links out: the overall 1 arc tour signup--which you must do, is here: http://onearctours.blogspot.com/2009/07/about-1-arc-tours.html)

And one last time, cause I'm so happy--sign up to review an ARC of The Unwritten Rule here: http://onearctours.blogspot.com/2009/11/unwritten-rule-by-elizabeth-scott.html


Thursday brings no more nightmares (I hope!) and a free book...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I can't remember the last time I was glad to get up, as normally I will lie in bed until I absolutely have to get up, but this morning, I could not *wait* to get out of bed. Why? Million dollar check on my lawn? I wish! A shower of free books on my doorstep? Alas, no. (But wouldn't that be lovely?)

Rather, I gladly got up this morning because I had the weirdest thing happens last night. I had a nightmare, and it woke me up. I did the usual things--you shake off the dream, you look around, you think "Good! A dream!" and then go back to sleep.

But then the nightmare started again. And it would. not. stop. I woke up every single hour from it until I couldn't stand it, and then I just hopped out of bed and read for a while to try and clear my head.

I feel better now, but it was just... strange. I technically got plenty of sleep, but when you have the same nightmare in a non-stop, never-ending arc for over three hours (minus the times where you wake up and go "What? Why is this still happening?"), does any of that time count as sleep?

Has anyone else had a nightmare that just would not go away? And if you have, any tricks you know of to make it go away?

Anyway! In an effort to cheer myself up, I'm going to do one of the things I love most, and that's give away a free book! Today, it's Melissa De La Cruz's latest Blue Bloods novel, the outstanding The Van Alen Legacy.

For your chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you'd rather see from an author right before/as a book comes out: a book trailer or a virtual signing party? Just leave your comment before midnight EST tomorrow, November 13th, and then I'll pick one name at random and that person will get The Van Alen Legacy!

And, of course, the links:

Agent Jessica Faust on why agents turn down queries -- "I think the biggest reason I reject something is that it just doesn’t excite me."

Pimp My Novel on movie tie-in novels

Interesting post from Genreality about what to do when you're stuck on a writing project -- Some great tips, but I think my favorite it this: "Move Forward.

John Scalzi talks about writers and financial woes -- as he wisely points out--and in a neat list of 10--writers aren't the only people suffering in the current economy, but he also goes on to offer his thoughts as to why some writers may be suffering a bit more (starting with 3 and running through 10.)

Agent Kirstin Nelson on sales thresholds for Out Of Print status in contracts--one of the things I think every writer should do is learn as much as they can about the industry, and this is one of those things that doesn't get discussed a lot but that you need to know about.

Agent Jessica Faust on putting your credentials in your query letter

The Intern has more inspired revision tips

A solid list of ten tips for aspiring writers

If you read only one of the links I post today, make it this one--Agent Rachelle Gardner talks about how much it really costs a publisher to buy your book

One last thing...don't forget to let me know what you'd rather see right when a book is supposed to come out--a trailer or a virtual book signing!

ARC update for The Unwritten Rule (tour signup info)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay, more updates on the ARC situation--two copies for US residents, and one for Canadians, are going to be put up for blog tour at Harmony's 1 ARC Tour blog.

If you are interested in getting one of these, you *must* first sign up for Harmony's fab program (and trust me, you want to--she gets ARCs of books for bloggers that I dream of reading!)

It's super easy to sign up, and all the details are here (for feeds that strip links out, just go here: http://onearctours.blogspot.com/2009/07/about-1-arc-tours.html

And then, once you are all signed up, when the posts for The Unwritten Rule go live, you can just sign up to get your turn with an ARC! (yay!)

I will of course, post links to Harmony's tour sign-ups as soon as this happens.

So that's the ARC update and I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some links as well:

Justine Musk, of the always thought-provoking and elegant blog posts, writes about the need to write

And oldie but one worth sharing again--Libba Bray on revisions

In the comments to the post I linked to yesterday about having a three-book contract canceled, someone pointed to one of JA Konrath's (famous for his huge and innovative publicity pushes for his books with Hyperion) blog posts--at first, I thought it was just about ebooks, but read the comments and you'll see a very lively discussion going on about publishers cutting back or eliminating certain lines as well as what the future holds for writers.

Diana Peterfreund on why you don't need to have a novel published to get into college, and why it really is okay to be older than 15, 16, or even 19 (or 29! or 39! or 49!) to have your first book published

Finally, here's a really inspiring guest blog post from one of agent Kristin Nelson's clients, Mari Mancusi, about the power of never giving up

contest winners, ARC update, and links

Monday, November 09, 2009

First, congrats to last week's contest winners: Book Addict Girl, Julie, Dani (who wrote that City of Bones surprised her), and katie (who said How To Say Goodbye in Robot surprised her)

Winners, please email me -- elizabeth at elizabethwrites dot com -- your full name and mailing address, and I'll get your book out to you right away!

I also have ARC news! I've heard from the lovely people at Simon Pulse and they will be doing a mailing to bloggers soon--I'll be in touch with those who are scheduled to get an ARC, and if you get an email and don't want an ARC, please let me know as soon as possible so I can put someone who does want it on the list!

I'm also supposedly getting a few ARCs from Simon Pulse in Canada (yay!) and when I do I'll be putting them up for Harmony's fantastic ARC tour (onearctours.blogspot.com), which will be yet another way for lots of you to see the book.

I also want to thank YOU again for your interest in The Unwritten Rule--I'm excited about the book, but I'm even happier that you're excited about it--and please know I will work as hard as I can to make sure there are enough ARCs to go around the blogosphere because you all are AMAZING!

And, of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some links to share:

Editorial Anonymous talks about who really holds an author's dream in their hands

For all your NaNoWriMo'ers out there (hope it's going well!), Justine Larbalestier has a great tip for what to do if you get stuck on a scene

I love reading about author's daily routines and work habits (I'm not the only one, right???) and Carrie Vaughn talks about hers here

Interesting post and poll about the need for good editing and proofreading over at Dear Author

Finally, over at Jeff Vandermeer's blog, guest blogger Kameron Hurley talks about getting a three book contract--and then having it canceled--in Surviving the Book Contract That Wasn't --it's not easy reading, but I admire Kameron for posting about what happened and it's a good reminder that there's a long journey between selling a book and seeing it on the shelves, and as Kameron very eloquently says, "Sometimes you still expect that when you win the book publishing lottery, all of your work is done, and all your dreams will come true. In fact, it marks the point where your hardest work begins."

looking at NYT numbers

Friday, November 06, 2009

Today's post is brought to you by NYT bestselling author Lynn Viehl, who continues to amaze me with her openness about the realities of being a published author. As those of you who read this blog already know (p.s. heart you!), I posted a link to her first post about being a Times bestseller and her royalty statement when she first discussed it. (For those who missed it, you can find it here)

Lynn's now gotten another statement about her bestselling book, and she's posted details about everything, making More on the Reality of a Times Bestseller a must read!

And I've got two other links to share:

Editorial Ass on cutting text from your manuscript

Agent Jessica Faust on choosing a genre

For those of you NaNoWriMoing, it's been great to hear about your progress, and yay! for all you've done. And don't forget you've got until midnight EST time tonight to enter this week's contest...

are you NaNoWriMoing?

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Quick reminder: don't forget to enter this week's contest--it's all about surprises!


Pimp My Novel answers reader questions (some great ones are in there, so check it out!)

And...Pimp My Novel answers even more reader questions! (And again, lots of good stuff in here)

Nicola Morgan on writing myths, which springs off this blog post.

Lynn Viehl talks about National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, and offers tips

NYT Bestselling author Aprilynne Pike writes about firsts--first agents, first book deals, and the expectations we set for ourselves. It's an interesting post, and her advice about writing another book is spot on.

Dean Wesley Smith on authors and marketing

Finally, just many of you are NaNoWriMoing this month? And how's it going? (I've got my fingers crossed that your answer is "super!")

surprise! (and thank you)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A huge thank you to everyone for being so understanding about the ARCs for The Unwritten Rule--I am still going to do my best to get copies, but it's really nice to know that if I have to send out photocopies, that will be okay.

So, in order to thank you for your awesomeness I'm--you guessed it!!--giving away some books!

For your chance to win, all you have to do is comment and tell me about a book or movie that surprised you with its ending. For instance, I just read Lucy Dawson's His Other Lover, and I so did not see the ending of that book coming! (I wrote a whole review of it over at goodreads)

Leave your comment about a book or movie with an ending that wasn't what you were expecting by midnight EST this Friday, November 6th and then I'll pick four names at random and each of those four people will get a free book!

Books I'm giving away are: an ARC of Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Domamore, Tricks by Ellen Hopkins, Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me by Louise Rennison, and As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

So come on, tell me what's surprised you!

ARC update for The Unwritten Rule

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I want to give everyone a quick ARC update about The Unwritten Rule.

I've heard from Pulse, and it seems there aren't going to be a lot of ARCs for blogger review, which believe me, makes me just as sad as you!

I will keep trying to get them to raise the number for blogger review, even if it's just a little, and if I have to, I'll send photocopies of the copyedited manuscript out to bloggers early next year--it won't be cheap to do, but I will do it because I think it's super important that bloggers get a chance to review books!

Okay, moving on. I have--of course!--the usual load of links to share:

Jessica Faust on fixing a stalled writing career, writers and insecurity, and how long you should wait to hear from an agent about a project

Janet Reid offers notes she took at a class on effective query letters--if you're writing one or plan to write one, make sure you read this!

Nathan Bransford wants to know if you can tell you have writing talent--last time I checked, this one was up to over 300 comments, so there's a lot to read there!

Kristin Nelson talks about midlist authors and how they can break out with a combo of great book and publisher support

Over at Genreality, a thoughtful post about writing and marketing: the best advice I ever got

The Intern has yet another funny but very true post up, this time about why your book needs clear conflict--Lack 'o' identifiable conflict (especially in the first few chapters) is a major problem with first drafts. If you can't identify any conflict until Chapter 3, the book either needs to start at Chapter 3 or the first two chapters need to pony up. Remember: Nobody taking a bite of your half-cooked cake is going to say, "That's OK, I love salmonella" and keep eating it.

Finally, I did a lot of research about teen girls and drinking for Love You Hate You Miss You and I was offered a chance to write a guest blog about it. Many thanks to Leah and co. for the chance, and if you're interested: Drinking, and the Impossible Pressures of Being A Teenage Girl