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ARCs of The Unwritten Rule update (Canada, I'm looking at you!!), contest winner, and links

Monday, November 16, 2009

First off, congrats to Jennie, winner of last week's contest...and it seems you all want a trailer for The Unwritten Rule. I admit, I was not expecting that! I don't have the money for a proper trailer like the one Melissa has for The Van Alen Legacy (that was a truly great trailer)--in fact, I don't have money for a trailer at all, so I'll be making a homemade one. (eek! If anyone has any tips, please feel free to share them!)

I'll also be doing the virtual book signing because I think creating a new, private account on twitter and facebook and having what is basically a private hours long chat the day the book is released sounds like fun--we'll talk about the book, I'll be running a trivia contest, and I'll even be giving the inside scoop on my upcoming books!

ARC update:

Harmony's ARC tour for The Unwritten Rule is up, as I posted on Friday, and please note that while both US tours appear to be full, the one for Canadian book bloggers is still open.

Finally, links:

Nathan Bransford on how the Internet has changed publishing, and how difficult it can be for even a super-publicized book to break out

Agent Jessica Faust on what you really REALLY don't want to do if you want to be published and on trusting your editor

Great guest blog over at Jeff Vandermeer's blog from Eden Robins on learning to love, or at least tolerate, a day job

And yet another fab guest blog over at Jeff Vandermeer's blog again, this time from Caren Gussoff on what editors want

Author Justin Musk on finding the hook in your story

Jennifer Jackson on query letter superstitions

Author Sarah Monette has a very candid post up about how poor sales figures can (and usually do) result in a name change if you want to keep publishing, using herself as an example. I think Sarah is an amazingly talented author, and I'm glad she posted about this not just because I think it's good industry information to know about, but also because now I know how I can get my hands on her next book!