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Monday, November 09, 2009

First, congrats to last week's contest winners: Book Addict Girl, Julie, Dani (who wrote that City of Bones surprised her), and katie (who said How To Say Goodbye in Robot surprised her)

Winners, please email me -- elizabeth at elizabethwrites dot com -- your full name and mailing address, and I'll get your book out to you right away!

I also have ARC news! I've heard from the lovely people at Simon Pulse and they will be doing a mailing to bloggers soon--I'll be in touch with those who are scheduled to get an ARC, and if you get an email and don't want an ARC, please let me know as soon as possible so I can put someone who does want it on the list!

I'm also supposedly getting a few ARCs from Simon Pulse in Canada (yay!) and when I do I'll be putting them up for Harmony's fantastic ARC tour (onearctours.blogspot.com), which will be yet another way for lots of you to see the book.

I also want to thank YOU again for your interest in The Unwritten Rule--I'm excited about the book, but I'm even happier that you're excited about it--and please know I will work as hard as I can to make sure there are enough ARCs to go around the blogosphere because you all are AMAZING!

And, of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some links to share:

Editorial Anonymous talks about who really holds an author's dream in their hands

For all your NaNoWriMo'ers out there (hope it's going well!), Justine Larbalestier has a great tip for what to do if you get stuck on a scene

I love reading about author's daily routines and work habits (I'm not the only one, right???) and Carrie Vaughn talks about hers here

Interesting post and poll about the need for good editing and proofreading over at Dear Author

Finally, over at Jeff Vandermeer's blog, guest blogger Kameron Hurley talks about getting a three book contract--and then having it canceled--in Surviving the Book Contract That Wasn't --it's not easy reading, but I admire Kameron for posting about what happened and it's a good reminder that there's a long journey between selling a book and seeing it on the shelves, and as Kameron very eloquently says, "Sometimes you still expect that when you win the book publishing lottery, all of your work is done, and all your dreams will come true. In fact, it marks the point where your hardest work begins."


Blogger Thao said...

Great to know Simon Pulse will spread the love for The Unwritten Rule by giving copies to the ARC tour :)

November 10, 2009 2:49 AM  

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