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NCTE/ALAN, contest reminder, and links

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NCTE/ALAN was amazing--a huge Thank You! to everyone who took the time to come to my signings or listened to me and my editor at Simon Pulse talk about Living Dead Girl. It was a real honor to meet so many teachers and school librarians who are passionate about reading, and as the child of two high school teachers, I know how hard you work, and please know that I appreciate and applaud all you do, especially in this era of ever-shrinking budgets.

I also want to send a special thank you to the lovely woman who helped me get to the NCTE convention area just in time for my first signing--my train broke down on my way to Philly, and I got to the hotel with about fifteen minutes to make it to my signing and she not only told me where to go, she actually took time out of her own schedule to make sure I got there.

Finally, I just want to say it was mind-blowing to actually be up on stage talking about something I've written--I went to the ALAN workshop in Nashville in 2006 and in New York in 2007 and never, ever did I think I'd one day be up there speaking. But it happened, and I am so glad it did!

Before I move on to the links, I want to remind you that you have until midnight EST tonight to tell me what you're thankful for--and win a box of 12 ARCs!


Agent Jessica Faust shares her thoughts about "my dream client", asks "what will you do to publish?", and the importance of taking the time to write the best book you can

Lynn Viehel talks about why it's important to write about things that make you uncomfortable--"Writing about the things we fear isn’t something I think we should avoid, though. In as much as we like to write about things we love, I think it can be just as important to explore on the page things we hate or fear or dislike. Those emotions are just as valid, and expressing them in a constructive venue like writing can be the first step toward a healthy resolution. Even if that means taking a long, close look at something we’d rather avoid, I think it also helps the quality of the work to present the shadows as well as the light. That way we don’t end up writing nothing but fairytales that take place in the Village of Smiling People to whom nothing bad ever happens."

The Intern has more NaNoWriMo advice

Nathan Bransford has lots and lots of links about what's going on in publishing now--a great way to catch up on what's been happening (and a lot has happened!)

With Oprah going off the air in 2011, The Millions looks back at Oprah's Book Club

Editorial Ass on revision advice and gut instinct

Carrie Vaughn has a great post about Emily Dickinson, complete with one of Emily's poems that is guaranteed to strike a chord with all writers

You might remember that NYT bestselling author Lynn Viehl talked about and posted her royalty statements for one of her bestselling books--an act of honesty that I applaud her for--and now a few other authors have stepped forward to talk about their earnings as well. Kimberly Pauley talks about hers here (and be sure to read the comments as Ellen Hopkins chimes in!) and Saundra Mitchell does the same here

One last thing--Sebrina Schultz designed an absolutely amazing alternate cover for Stealing Heaven. It is SO beautiful and I'm very grateful to her for letting me share it. Check it out here.


Blogger sandi said...

Hi Elizabeth. I met you at ncte at your book signing. I just finished unwritten rule.
How did you hear the conversations that I had with me "best friend" in middle and high school? She said many of the things to me that Brianna said to Sarah. And went after the boys I liked much the same way. I am 35 and I identify with your book bc I lived it. I know many girls will identify with it as well.
Keep writing! I look forward to reading Living Dead Girl.

December 18, 2009 8:50 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth Scott said...

Hi Sandi,

Great to hear from you and thanks so much for the kind words about The Unwritten Rule!

You'll have to let me know what you think of Living Dead Girl...

December 19, 2009 7:26 AM  

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