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Friday, December 11, 2009

This week has just flown by--I swear it was Monday yesterday. How can some weeks zoom by when other seem to crawl??

Thank you so much for your lists of songs that make you think of one of my books or books--and if you have any more songs that make you think of something I've written let me know, 'cause I'm still working on that playlist!

Also! Don't forget that if you happen to be out holiday shopping this weekend, there's a treat waiting for you if you buy a copy of Something, Maybe

Today's links are mostly about Kirkus closing--the loss of a book review journal is a huge deal, and Kirkus was one of the big ones and had been around for over seventy years.

There have been a lot of blog entries about it, but here are three I think are particularly interesting:

Author Alex Flinn on what the end of Kirkus means for her

A little know fact about Kirkus--it was supposedly the one book review journal that Hollywood types looked at, and with it gone--will that mean the number of books optioned for movies will drop?

Finally, from Lee & Low Books, What Kirkus Closing Means For The Average Reader

A few more non-Kirkus related links:

Over at Genreality, Bob Meyer is talking about agents--from a writer's point of view. Bob writes some really interesting blog entries, and this one is no exception!

Agent Kirstin Nelson answers more reader questions

Agent Jessica Faust on how to submit once an editor or agent has requested your work based on a contest win